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Writing has been my means of expressing my thoughts. Writing has been my way of expressing what I feel, to burst out my emotions. In writing, no one will judge you personally, face to face. Because in writing, you are alone by yourself, just you.

I write because I'm happy.
I write because I'm sad.
I write because I'm in pain.
I write to express myself.

I write tonight.
True love can't be found
Where it truly doesn't exist

True love can't be hidden
Where love truly exist
you always surprises me
of your appearances.
Sometimes you would appear beautiful and nice.
Sometimes you would appear
scary and dreadful.

Darkness, would you find me
Someone who would make me friends with you?
Just by holding his hands
I won't be afraid of you.
12.13.14 this day, my day
I was given another year to live
Another year to grow
Another year to start a new

This day have made me realize
Realize that I have to let you go
Let go of the thoughts of you
Let go and never have to look back

I was then never remembered by you
I was never been special for you
I can say you were never mine
And I will never be yours

I have thought for days and hours
But you never remembered my day
As you have told me you would be
Would be there when it will come
I thought someone who was once special would remember my day but he didn't.
They understand you.
They accept you.
They make fun of you.
They compliment you.
They are thankful for you.
They love you.
They are your friends.
Thoughts of you are killing me
I don't know how and why
This is just how you affect me
And I want this gone

Sometimes near
Sometimes far
You make me confused
On what we really are

I hate you for being like that
Don't know what you did
You have left with no goodbyes
But still haunting me with your mem'ries
If I told you I love you,
Would you save my heart and soul
From being broken?
Would you love me too?
Would you save me
And pick up these broken pieces
And put it together
To make me learn to love again?
I was inspired by poet Lang Leav.
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