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TIZZOP Nov 2020
in times of destruction, you need fierce force
in times of hunger, you need absurd appetite
glowin ******* have been encircling you
try to scream, but your vocal chords rupture

multi-armed street military, covid-19 deniers
9-to-9, 24/7, armies made of plastic angels
everything improvised and effective like:

TIZZOP doesn't always write, swallow dat link
as hate and anger overwhelm, GOD forces me to act
at age 13, they called me "***** Splash", so
i had to install 888 children who now my soldiers

in times of destruction, only family remains
in times of appetite, simply loyalty protects ya
Esteemed Allies,

you learned that we are temporarily in a period of treaty. Every soldier is ordered to relax and listen to this:
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
We've signed that truce a couple hundred times
Still step on the same couple thousand mines
You break apart, make up, break apart, make up...
a treaty
that allure
is her
franc desire
but her
weight abreast
the top
that applaud
appeal with
her oats
but oleoresin
that you
infer her
armature is  
not a
pogrom nor
a sham
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Drums of Autumn tell us, grandmother,
what did they mean?

Did you ever get the Lincoln cane? Did you cry?

Kenny, I'as a orphan. I never knew.
---That happened, Kenny was my name.

I looked past the rim,
there was the Corn Mother,
I think that's what I coulda seen,

but then it's only Grandma, with a grin.

Kenneth means know, Grandma said, I gave you that name.
kenning handy, a knower, by God,
not handsome in that vain way they have today,
winsome in puzzles 'n' riddles 'n' such
Kokopelli's play mate, some day.

Mistooken words rot,
if they lie, idle, in the dust

nothing ever. I shall not want,

I was taught a mistooken truth,
I took it,
gript it tight,

Get a job. Live with some class, join
a club that
takes your kind. Some churches used to
the Rotary test, if you could pass that test
you could eat,
after the message at the mission.

true? fair? goodwill? wait

if the first test is failed, what matters?
fair good will benes d'vitas?

from the treaty bound liars who called my grand
mothers savages, all of them,
right by
right of conquest. their treaty verified it to me,

then they gave me blankets,
General Leonardwood,
nope, Lord Jeff Amherst did that, then we died.
Read the treaty, 1763, small print. Blankets.

From the small pox ward, went unsaid.
That was just,
the French and Indian war, where the father of
the force that claims world-wide military
sufficient unto the evil of today,

George, the man on the horse,
surveyor for the future,
fought injuns,
so the king could sell their measured land to freed slaves,

thus making the mortgage chain, so popular today.

Build a casino, get rich quick, it's in the treaty,
busboy, bus driver, maid, Sioux chef and so

many, many more.

Grandma, in my vision, turned and walked
into the desert.

I took her word.
Brushed the dust and breathed it in.
Then I spit against the wind,

winked at you and rode my wind away.
Free is easy, if you can ride on wind.
Edit, after fact check, Leonard wood did not give the small pox blanket Jeff Amherst did. Listening to visionary Teds, from the rez world view. Youtube changed the game, not the way we see the world right. There's likely not a drop o' native anything in me, I breathed the same dust, that's all. And I know the beat.
Vexren4000 Mar 2018
A treaty,
Forged in days of old,
Antiquity times past,
A pact with the land,
To live in harmony,
Or to take and destroy,
A treaty signed by only humans,
Saying we own the land,
Because we think, therefore we are.

melina padron Feb 2015
this is my last attempt
at trying to write about you.

i am sorry
that we couldn’t come to a consensus
on how to deal with the damage of
our hearts
or how we left the remnants of our love
scattered across the road like
a drunken car crash
in action.

i just haven’t felt the same
after the tear
of a seatbelt around my neck,
around my chest,
holding me back from the
arms of destruction-
trying to push me to safety
away from anything
that we
were trying to be.

this is the last time
i try to justify it.

i need you to start learning
how to forget me.

— The End —