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Descovia Feb 2021
Surrounded by a solid foundation
Not certain if it's for my protection

Not certain if it's for your protection

All these questions and blames games

But you never questioned or held blame
for the one you selected to be your president
It's easier to just stroll through a phone
and bicker about nonimportant messages

Don't save her. She doesn't wanna be saved!

He ain't a good teacher. Why does he get a raise!?

So, why you are dealing with the same life lesson?!

**** everything I have to say, unless it's relevant
I could put emphasis on that, but instead of fing this whole chain up rather remain celibate.

Everywhere I turn.
Somebody is trying to  f

Without the ****?
I'm not the begging type
but "fool, give me a break" PLEASE.

I can be calming and surprising
like the summer time breeze
Keep memories in heart company, when feeling unease
The feeling which is oh so lonely
Have you remembering talks of nostalgia
with your parents, like when you first discussed
"The Birds and Bees." Master these elements, summoning great power of one's eternal beyond to receive grace from deities.

Making sure all the contacts are informed and balanced, remaining as one in connection regardless of location. Which should've been incoperated through our history!

I been on this for centuries!

You call it business structure. I call it perfect symmetry!

I'm just another brother, which as much love to give as
a grateful mother in a world of living color....

We still burning each other alive.

Just for others to shine like a diamond
in the night, oh so bright.

We got idiots roaming around
making profit and we are nothing more than discarded objects

Last time I check. You can put a price on a ring.

You can't put a price on a wife?

Yet I am the problem??

So f* my life right??
The Mellon Jan 2019
This land is your land,
This land is my land.

This land is our land,
But Not a black land,

Not from sea to shining sea.

Attention Mexicans everywhere!

This land is not your land,
This land is our land,
Home of the free!
(Some requirements apply)

God bless America,
Where at least I know I'm free,
Home of the ignorant,
Yet land of the free,
(Skin color based exceptions)

Happy Happy new Year!
New year to You and Me!

Happy Happy new year,
Except for your country,
(Build the wall!)

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel,
I made it out of clay,
If the makers Muslim,
Please don't explode I pray.

America the beautiful,
As hypocritical dumpster fires tend to be.
This is a sarcastic poem depicting the worse of America. I do not believe these racist sexist etc. comments.
krm Jul 2018
July 4th, 2018

Where the land of the free has become obscured by the shadow
of oppression,

Its' silhouettes are the monsters

children are afraid of under their beds.

How, fireworks remind so many gunshots

Self-proclaimed nationalists cannot stay loyal enough,
to know what would be good for this land.

This land of the free,
no longer belongs to the home of the brave,
but the cowardly.

Family & children born unto what we deem unattached,
from the roots of this soil,
they are not welcomed for lady liberty's "borrowed" arms to embrace them.

When each artifact
was sculpted from an immigrant's hands,
but we've warranted their tribulations
are greater than stars on our flag.

If those stars stand for detainment,
tragedy, and fascism.
I do not proudly pledge such ideals,
embracing my heritage of greats-
who journeyed over on ships across seas.

They are the stars of America's history.

MJ Jan 2018
I am a ******-obsessed freak. I am a violent-craving ****. I am a drunk-tryna quit, I’m a lying-******’ *****. I’m a taken-cheating mess, I’m a speed-owned shell. I am a crazy-raging ease. I’m a selfish little *****. I’m a drifting-airhead ****. I’m a full-on sack of ****. I am a rotten-pussied tease, I am an all-day-lazy dude. I’m a fowl-mouthed lady, I’m a streaking stripping girl. I’m a pushy-fast-paced date, I’m a no-date kinda gal.
Man vs woman
Has always been a battle
But now we at a bigger battle
I see them homos
Running to tattle
To Big daddy Senate
Making grants to confuse infants
All the way to adolescence
Can't  see who's real anymore
Gotta look between a woman's
Leg to make sure
She a real female
Got top dolla surgeons
Doin' work while the fake ones goes splurgin'
Ha see it's taking away
The ability of ***
Depopulation through media manipulation
Got woman's putting their *****'s on lock
Because of what the media stocks
Most of them so called women
On tv are mostly men
Acting feminine
N now when a real men
Wants a woman *****
Its not just cause he's ***** .it's becAuse he adorns thee
He only attrActed to what he came out
The chocha that is
Feed and birthed nine months
Of jailed labor
Loosing your shape and hips
I love that ****
But them transformers
Can't make that ****
You see the universe doesn't lie
Some things that surgery can't fix
Like jaw structure brow ridge
Or the low bridge
That appears half way down a woman's back
You see a woman will always have hips
Wider than the shoulders
And males vice versa
That's why the womb man
The man's womb
Is his mate to procreate
Yes we argue but it's only becAuse it's human nature
We made for eAch other
No matter the color sister or brother
Once we make love
A small plant is waiting to unfold
From a small seed indeed
Yah I love woman til the day that I die
So **** all these sissies emulating
A candy eye
I see your ******* flushthat ****
Down the toilet
They keeping us confined through our minds
Running up spiritual fines
Soon to be jailed in our own mentality
Baby talk to me
*** is as natural as water is to the body
But it's been lead to be perverted and introverted
But at the same time they perverted
And yeah I quoted it
You see they want the real man and woman
To hate each other
So the other
Wierd transformers -/decipticons
Can take over and transform
A whole society
Into a confused nation
And thus a genocide against humanity at well as creativity
To the straights fighting the propaganda
sophia sacal Aug 2017
Torches lit the night sky,
A glowing river of flames
Burning with the passion of hate.

Body after body marching on,
Faces devoid of any humanity
And a grotesque amusement
Sparkling in their eyes.

Senseless chants piercing the air,
The place quickly becoming a gathering
Of ignorance and hatred.

The minutes tickled by,
The violence spreading like a wildfire—
No act of kindness strong enough to
Extinguish it.

**** flags painted the sky a ****** red,
The white no longer a sign of peace,
But rather the symbol of white supremacy.

This is what the place we call "home" has become.
And now I know
Why I'm hated
I'm hated because I was created
A black stone that reflects off of the Sun
Restoring my energy
Burning my enemies
Im close to the Holy One
You choose sides I choose to ride
And die we got cowards and punks
Fools don't ain't down for the cause
Until they get chin checked in the jaws
All silence broken out
No silence from me I'm living carefree
I ride on wisdom like its main chick
Never gone switch
Stay true to signs and black nations folks
We all the same came in on different boats though we got different strokes
Some of us sings different notes
Taking different smotes but I sit back and tote
Knowledge is a gun to my brain
Let blow explodes so ya know
My wisdom pours
Out nothing blessing enemies stressing
Step to me be prepared I got automatic weapons
No words could hurt
Me I'm coming with the vengeance of Qaddafi marked me
Since I was cursed but I'm breaking the curse
So **** the source of course
Ya know they gone label me a ***** cuz I'm bigger
Dumb hypocrites I was dawned to be a King with multiple figures
While y'all stay lying I'm multiplyin
building prides with lions shot firing
Scattering ashes of the elite across
The earth it's the return of Zion

Now that Zion done entered this ***** we pull out the glitch
And haters see the ditch
From my auto that's switch
From to semi put it between yo eyes
And realize
Death ain't no fantasy its a reality
N in my mind you can see my locality
Which be
A map of heaven and he'll I'll never fail
Wisdom never frail sail like Gail
Through these lyrics
Foggy faulty envisions I had to clear it
Rain drops fallin know ya tearing it
Down yo cheeks down the hearts of the weak
Can't compete against the Texas heat
One man fleet
Put any to sleep
True **** poet til I die
And once I die I'll resurrect to the sky
Awarded handsomely for pain
I did to those that hide in sly

Now that I've attained my throne
Sitting all alone
Naw I'm not alone with a few homies
Playin bones
Afterlife I'm loving it
Like Mickey ds
Is there heaven for real Gs
Don't let these
Lyrics fool ya I'll do ya
Worse than Sun Tzu
Look at What my earth crew do
Rebuilding what's rightfully ours
******* cowards
I leave ya brain showered
With bullets drain every inch of you man til you a single grain
Now that the game done rearrange
Folks wanna act strange
Cuz of the wisdom I obtained
I'll never back down cuz I'm smarter
Black Jesus walking on the water
Not wet but a martyr
But I ain't dying cuz energy can't die only ya see is multiplying
Touchin four corners of the earth
Light shed and embedded on my head full of worth
Hanging girth
Knots we be tyin others fryin
Cuz we got too much heat
In the Land of the returned lost souls of Zion
priya mistry Feb 2017
We are waves of people
We don't accept defeat
Carrying generations of their blood
Etched on the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet
We defy the laws of gravity, our cosmic bodies in orbit always revolving
We possess a transformative skin
Continuously moving, constantly evolving

Current crashing, ripping through the earth
Roaring tides behind us, our vicious flood fights
The foundation of millennial’s - conscious, violently beautiful beings
Our loud waters, impossible to ignore, amorously painting our rights

The right, the will, the intense appetite
Flavored by salty words with a sweet impulse for action
Drowning all numbness, consuming the calm which once was
Thinking like philosophers, walking like warriors, as they record our reaction

Thin, musty white air trying to cover the shifting blue hues
The water never stops moving
the ripples inconceivably vast,
Our wave leaves masterpieces of celestial proportions
Our space is here now,
our tomorrow will not echo the past

Ours roots are planted and grown in our cities
Perfectly immortalized in a valiant state of existence
We are waves of people, waves of voices
A digital age of collective resistance

- p.m
World's in hesitation across the nation
No need for an explanation
Negroes still playing in the field plantation
They call it the corporation
Can't argue with fools cuz they in gestation
Of sin and wickedness look at this world
We living in skin is my sin
Can't even heal even if the remedy was to settled in
Wake up my folks and hear me clear
Don't be a slave to this game called fear
Rise up like the sunshine open ya mind
Even if it cost ya ya own life line
Just remember what I told you
We natural born soldiers made to fight
We are earth soil and ground
If ya don't believe me look around
And look how many of our ancestors
Blood moisturized the ground ?
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