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Descovia Mar 2021
Loving what is not meant to be

Is a lot more detrimental than holding

on to anything hurting you.

Spare yourself from the pain

That is undeserving of you and your moral character.

Why people remember what, make them feel a certain way?

Over what we, make them think?

If hatred could be consumed like nutrition
would you poison yourself?

To satisfy nerve-ending hunger or undying thirst?

Why must we endure the worse of times?
Testing a will under elements to be broken under merciless conditions

Just to have a taste of the pleasure we ultimately deserve!

What is love?

What is life?

How do we seek truth?
If the world uses spells
to spell our demise.
Looking into mirror
I see more than one face
and a story following multiple timelines
as our human eyes convert electronical text
using our brain to decipher encrypted codes and signs

What is there to me?
When I have been to places
that most eyes cannot even see
Never needed deep meditation
or any form of super drug as a pill.

In a world where reality and fiction stand still

If I am living my dreams. Then why must my
dreams question my living, therefore  is existence even real?

How can one connect to others emotionally?

If few of us, have emotions we have yet to feel?

It's too late to move forward.

Why you keep turning back?

If you never gave it a try in the first place?

Why complain about an outcome that is not even a possibility?  

Doing the same routine for the longest

have not changed the process of your decision making?

If you know your worth
Why you feel worthless?

Do you even know
what is the meaning behind your own purpose?

Why are you still questioning yourself?

When you have most of the answers?

Stop over thinking.
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
Weakness of the heart
Weakness of the mind,body,and soul
You’ve experienced all these things
Growing from this isn’t always so easy
But you’re learning to be stronger in your fight for sanity
“If there even really is such a thing”
Because it’s the things you let get you down, that’ll break you
Let them make you
The things that set you apart
They more so bring you together
I know you’ve had too many bad days to count
But starting now
I’m cursing them all out
To allow yourself to be destroyed by your own mind is the weakest fall and the worst lie
You are strong, and you are beautiful
You have such blessed days that mean far  more than the days you may fall  
Not every day will be a win
But you’ll  never lose again
©Jessica Stull
A letter to remember

— The End —