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Descovia Feb 2022
You can help some people, some of the time.
You can't help everyone, all of the time.
i was like you once, always thinking with my heart
obstructions create from using my mind.

The pain you feel does not bother me entirely. Cause I know what it's like to be without and live in doubt. Still remain positive and prosper show everyone what you are about!

Queens like you should remain
in this realm to keep **** from going south.
i know things can get heavy, hectic.
I rather go Gadget, you can cause damage
if you decide to go Wreck It Ralph.

You're a beauty, designed by artist sources of the devine of undying times.

I do not perceive you with eyes of lust.
Forgive me, if I must. Before time turns us to dust.
I desire everything of you. From knowledge, taste, touch.
I get it tho no need to rush. I am not calling you a crutch

Immature minded boys, be hopping around acting
like they know it all but ain't doing much.

For you I would go double dutch, rope in clutch, while rolling a dutch.
I'll put anyone in a noose, ya'll be hanging by threads so thin..
Implementing your demise, and result of repetition proves truth.
It's a wonder how, some men, end up back to where they begin.

What's vibing boo?
Speaking of which, I can get pretty scary.
Universal destruction detonate! Majin Buu.
Just saying, not playing. I'll go super sayian
if you cross my NuNu.
Have faith in yourself.
Everyone needs your story.
Descovia Sep 2021
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I been watching the numbers
plummet like the temperature
in our crew!

The world we live in is fading
and it feels like I am dreaming
none of this, even feels like it's true!

Roses are red
Violets are blue

There is only one escape. It appears to be too late
It's like I am dancing on crates
Playing with my life in this game of "fate"
Losing myself to all, what else can I do?

The love I bleed for you is red
Although I be feeling blue
It's like you are rubber
and I am the glue
things that I scream in rage
bounces off you and sticks to me
This process should not repeat
These emotions I seek, does not make me weak
In the end, of what I'm going through

Roses are red
Violets brings me blues
Will destroy me at my peak.
I'll continue pushing...
No matter my mood
This is my truth
I only want the best for you!
i been noticing and peeping a lot of the roses are red and violets are blue
The concept is beautiful and it assisted in empowering my thoughts.
Thanks to all of you who are writing and making your art shine!
Your work is valued and  enjoyed.
Continue your lineage! :)
Descovia Jul 2021
You will spend a majority of your time

Reinventing yourself to be adaptable to changes.

Healing does not work over night.

Truthfully, at one's highest peak

It is normal to feel low in life.

The process is not painless.

Support from everyone dear

gives power of restoration

Reviving the sleeping feelings

inside and alive for a moment's high

For it was not the drugs

we need to get us by
Descovia Apr 2021
Art defined to me is everything

about my life and passion combined

We are all masterpieces for those who have moved on or living, all continues for we are dimensional-travelers, eternal, special-gifted, magical beings

brought here to spread empathy, love, creation in the most captivating and influential methods possible.

Magic is not accessible without belief.

Art is meaningless, it's a MUST to involve HEART.

You can't have either without an element from both utilized.

Let your emotions bring your story to life!

Thank you all immensely for inspiring and encouraging me
In exact terms of building my platform towards my art!
I would be nothing without support from any of you!
Grateful for you being in my life and my HE"ART"
Descovia Jan 2021
I'll be ****** if I didn't.

******. If I did.

It's understandable to make up

For missed moments
as a kid

It's all fun and giggles.

Until, somebody falls in face first in s*

Sit down. Think a minute. You never thought about
the cause and effect of your actions? The outcome could have been different. Perhaps, it was mindless pleasure, without harm intended,  You decided not to listen. What in the f-
Face of everyone you love, you were thinking?

Another day, blunt burns away.
Without much hold the bars. Please.
We smoking.
We drinking.
Tune in for another tab.
My heart starts sinking.

Tears blur my sight.
The last words I remember
confessing to you under
the moonlight.
I keep telling myself
It's going to be alright (alright)
I feel the pull of my soul
ascending to the sky
Baby. Please, don't you cry.
Must hold tight as
angels sing loving lullabies
while carrying you as you fall....

This world around you

Needs your truth!

What is your meaning tied to?

What is us? If I am without you!?

— The End —