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Sext: listen to our song and feel your heart crumble in your chest
The art of a kiss from a lover’s night paints a vignette for their memory’s delight.  An intimate setting in ambient light, their bodies lay with one on top of the other.  Sultry emotion smolders the air while desire murmurs with half-lidded eyes.

Thick in a moon wine buzz, hearts race in hypnotic rhymes.  Dreamy parallel faces, he brushes her back in circle formations.  Led by the blue ice color of his eyes, opaque hues follow her mind.

Matched top to top and bottom to bottom lips meet in the vanished line of the horizon.  A breath sweet to the taste, mouths warm the moisture within.  Tongues twirl in an intertwined continuum takes Time to a heightened euphoric position.

The lovers immersed in the couch feel the sensation of a weightless float.  The prominent twirl continues to roll in hills of infinite pleasure.   Whispered sighs subdue the blue ice color of his eyes.  

Wrapped arms in a tender embrace soften the ****** spell.  She says she could kiss him forever.  The portrait of a kiss, a synchronized creation infused to permanence.  
For the lovers, this one kiss painted their perfect kiss.
I see myself as rain

in the soil.

A rebirth,

a mind alive,

a mad, feverish heart.
The neuro-
toxins of
your sad
and ever fighting struggle
you do make
It out alive.
Let's praise a cheer and hope
For the very best
My dear....BLACK
Mold ing
Me asunder:
Lived with it for two weeks and started to feel the adverse effects.. Headaches and pain in orbital sockets... 10/18/15 10:30 p.m.
As I try to muster the verbs or nouns or adjectives and pronouns to construct a simple verbal thought:
I'm at a loss for
You are the
To my lost
Only so many people can make you sound like as if you've had no proper teaching or training in language.. They have this effect to take the very breath right from your lungs...leaving you not only breathless but speechless as well.
Dying love in a gilded cage,
Imprisoned by my pent up rage.
You never loved me, but neither did I,
The last gift you gave was the gift of goodbye.
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