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Allena Iris Dec 2016
Wake me up in the flush of a rainbow eye
I saw it bent through the tunnel I've been screaming off
I'm searching for a glimpse of a morning past
And I found you there
You followed me where I would die in a flash
I'm still here watching you dont you realize
Floating in confusion of absolute time
Now help me out

I've been hurting for a moment that turned me down
In a dimmer light
Not realizing how long it was when
We talked and the universe fussing round
I would die
in a minute

Remember it was spherical
Bounding you and me in the dark
But how we look
You fly away
I'm dying
I know it was theoritical
But I dont dream nor sleep
Fall slow and you've gone
I'm dying

Make my hand
in your grab
Just dont leave
I'll be broken down
and interfering our past
Even if I'd come through a wormhole
Could it be me hugging you alive?
Singularity is something about a dot with invinite mass and extraordinary power in the base of a black hole. Now imagine if you were there
Noah Stowe May 2016
I am the moon
And you are the sun.
You are the light of my life.

You are my everything.

But even though I love you,
We can never meet.
We will never meet.

And so I am the moon,
And you are my sun.

Ma vie est plus belle avec toi,
*Tu es la lumière de ma vie.
Dear Ky Stowe;
If you are reading this, I miss you so much.  This poem romantic while our relationship is only platonic but the message still stands.

My life is more beautiful with you,
You are the light of my life.
The neuro-
toxins of
your sad
and ever fighting struggle
you do make
It out alive.
Let's praise a cheer and hope
For the very best
My dear....BLACK
Mold ing
Me asunder:
Lived with it for two weeks and started to feel the adverse effects.. Headaches and pain in orbital sockets... 10/18/15 10:30 p.m.
LD Goodwin Dec 2014
Strike the tents, the circus is over.
The sad clown has put his faces to bed
No more wild and silly laughter,
No more voices in his head.
Robin Williams   7/21/51- 8/11/14

— The End —