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Danny E Harris Feb 2018
side-stick drummer
let’s get this **** to an earnest place
I’ve heard enough embellishment
to shell me in for several days
I’ve meddled in pretentiousness
& settled that my selfish ways
are nothing but a governor
rain & thunder on an ember’s blaze

So strip me of the pompousness
that clouds an artist’s sharpened heart
& strike me with the poignancy
of purpose in a work of art
& make me feel like I don’t need a reason
to invoke a start
& help me fall in love with who I am
before my light goes dark
Danny E Harris Aug 2017
There’s a lot of superficial nonsense
in some of my writing
just surface-level
of things I’ve probably heard in
or read in
love stories
it’s hard to reach your hands in there
and dig deeper
to the guts of the inspiration
it seems like these complex emotions
are processed
and neatly packaged
in recognizable phrasing
but really
it’s a bit messier than that
it’s confusion
incomplete meanings
reality details
that can’t be replicated by most
consumable forms of expression
& when I sit and try to harness them
I can only write
one word
at a
Danny E Harris Aug 2017
I hold hymns in my pocket
like procession flowers
the petals age
but in their soft construction
I’m reminded
that while time decays
everything that’s living
I will sing you things
that always stay
to wear them like a necklace
you can never lose
or never break
Danny E Harris Aug 2017
Certain weird things inspire me to write them down
They must be rooted in something
Unique to what I’ve known
Where I start to mentally describe the circumstances and think
That’s something else
Like how I’m at this place
This (bar)
And how the people here
Who work here
The guys who fill our glasses
Know your name on their lips
If I were to
They have that
Ready and willing
Like it would help me now
I guess
Danny E Harris May 2017
She said writers are soft
I told her that ain’t quite the whole truth
Emotional invulnerability can be a soul-noose
And when you do explore into the corridors and floors
of your expression
you’ve accepted that you’ll turn a couple stones loose
“It’s old news. I don’t wanna hear about your feelings,
or what you didn’t feel back, it’s really too revealing.”

I guess that all depends what you expect from what you’re reading
I mean artistry’s a part of our impression that’s appealing

No really – the world’s a crazy place and if you let it
it will crash into your spirit and rattle you apoplectic
I get it
she said and
grabbed her earrings from the bedstand
I watched her check her phone
she called me Romeo
and left then
Danny E Harris May 2017
I’ve tried to bury you in
glances from other women
push your name down my inbox
with text messages from girls who
are lovely
but not
And see that’s the problem
They’re not
and they don’t know you
or even ever know of you
but eventually they realize
they’re not
Danny E Harris May 2017
Irrevocably I pose
with moments in my mind
in future's time
& analyze the nuance of her eyes
& how I'd focus mine
It rocks me to a slumber
unlike any I can quantify
and lingers like a sunburn
when the night is late
& wine's run dry
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