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Debbie Brindley Jan 2018
I had a little headache
Slightly increasen over time
Nothing really
I'm not fine
My throat is harsh
My ears do sing
with a gentle humming pain
Excruciating is my head
Body shivers
in my bed
Tonsillitis has come a calling
Like a torturis leeching stain
Creeping in  
Your unaware
It's so unfair
Then swallows you whole
In a torrent of fevers, delirium
right down to your soul
Feel like ****
Thank goodness I'm on respite
Broody Badger Mar 2017
I'm throwing tantrums at the page I know that now.
I just want to see if they will stick
& what they will finally say
once I complete.
How many things can one word say
How many words can one page hold
How many girls can I **** in a lifetime
some or many
Slip into my cinderblocks—pretty
New style,
smack Breaks tile,
Wait for the fuckboys to finish fillin up the fish tank, I'm at the bottom
feelin petty,
Suckin blue,
Countin out the seconds till I'm trapped beneath this filthy pool.
Thrash tantrum,
Flash forward,
Zoom zoom
I look up and wonder will the elephants come save me, but there's not one in the room,
nobody watchin
Im a goner,
and I've been one
ever since I started kicking in the water.
Angelique Mar 2013
Starts out awful
Continues on the same destructive path
reaching the end, you either fall off or return the way you arrived
and chose a method that lets you sleep at night
Held on too tight
perhaps I just waited too long
Sulking in my own world filled with despair
wondering what I truly deserved if not the worst
While entertained in my thoughts reality woke and got away
it was hard to catch it and beg it to stay
So I just let it go and slept the days away
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
Why do men sit sulking alone?
Is it worse than Premenstrual Syndrome?
Is PFS far worse for men?
Indeed, by PFS, what is meant?
Why, it's Post Football Syndrome!
Don't say it's only a game, Oh no!
Round here, it's total blasphemy,
Or, let's say, utter heresy!
SSHHH...let's tiptoe away,
Dodging his tantrums today,
How does PFS affect you?
Find something else to do,
Preferably in another room,

Why do men sit sulking alone?
Easy, they have Post Football Syndrome...
Have a laugh, feedback welcome.

— The End —