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Word farer Mar 2022
The whole day you laugh,smile,enjoy
But its at night that you realise there was not a single moment that  spent was of true emotions...
Word farer Aug 2021
closing my eyes THEN:
i saw his face
i saw his eyes
i saw our moments together
i saw our eye contacts
i saw us holding hands
i saw us walking through all the problems!!
closing my eyes NOW:
i see us crying  
i see us trying hard to stay together
i see us drifting apart
i see our differences
i see our breakdowns
i see our broken bond !!
maybe sometimes the relationship turns too toxic and clingy that both of us get so hurt and can't possibly do something than parting our ways !!
Word farer Mar 2021
Red rosy lips
Cute dimple cheeks
Make smile look beautiful
But for me
It's the pain and hidden tears
That make look smile even prettier!!
Word farer Feb 2021
All the above are enough to make someone realise how much a person loves or how much pain a person is suffering through !!
Word farer Feb 2021
I have no words to express for what i feel
When i see you standing with her
When i see you seeing her with so much love
When i see you hugging her with so much affection
When i see you flirting with her
That's not because I'm jealous
It's because she's just another fool trusting you !!
Word farer Feb 2021
Will you please experience the rain of love ?Which sheds not from the sky
But from my eye everynight !
Missing you terribly .
Word farer Feb 2021
There's no book
There's no person
There's no friend
There's no film
There's no sage
Nor there's no song  
There is nobody in this world or maybe universe which can make us understand what true love is . Its the feeling, emotion, that is just understood by our heart, soul , and feelings !
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