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JG 3d
She walks slow through the halls
Try hard not cry
Her thoughts are driving her crazy
She’s scared
She’s hurt
She’s dying slowly

When she is at home she cries alone
She hides
She don’t trust her self with anything sharp
She scared of what she might do
She was a cutter
She has stopped for now

Her mom always works and makes her feel worthless
She has been abanded not once but twice
She’s scared of trusting people
She dont want to fight anymore

She feels fat
She feels worthless
She feels ****
She feels ******
She feels hopeless
She feels like she doesnt belong on earth
She hates life
She feels like giving up
She want to be able to wake up with a smile
To be able to think about happy things
To be happy
To wear a real smile
To be what she used to be

This girl your reading about she is me
Im scared and im screaming help
No hears me though
JG 3d
Look at me not my mask
Look at my eyes, not my smile
If you take a moment you will see my tears
My fear is no one will ever notice
But i hope someone does
Until then I’ll fight

But one day I will quit
I'm already to the point where i'm crying every day
But no one notices
I feel like I'm invisible
I have people there for me
but they don't see my tears

I have finally broken
I need someone who understands
Someone who cares
Someone i can trust

Look at me
I'm broken yet you don't see
You let me fool you
My fake smile
Maybe i have gotten so good at hiding my tears they can’t be found by anyone
JG Mar 25
You see me smile thinking its real
Im crying on the inside and holding back tears
No one knows how I really feel
I’m tired of hiding all these fears
I just wanna be free
I don't wanna fight anymore
Can I just flee?

I'm scared and i just wanna disappear
I don’t wanna hurt anymore
Im dying on the inside
The pain is the only thing proving im alive
I say i'm fine but i lie
You see what i want you to see
When im alone thats when I cry

When people feel alone I try to help
People think its because its who i am
I help because i know how it feels
I fight and fight but for what?
More pain
More heartbreaks
I’m sorry I give up
JG Mar 22
Sometimes I have a waterfall flowing
from my eyes.While my happiness is towing
far from view
Never knowing when it's due
Or if it will come back
As if someone gave it a smack

Sometimes I’m as happy as a rainbow
I feel like the star of the show
Skipping through the heavens
Hoping it never ends

Other times I’m an angry bull
When my mind is too full
And I don't know what to do
Just wanting to feel new

— The End —