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You say you want unity,
Yet all you're doing is destroying it,
Especially with how much you hate others.
You hypocrite.

You tell other people to get along and be nice,
Yet you're the one being rude,
You're the one judging people.
You hypocrite.

You tell people they can trust you,
Then you go and shut them out,
Or you ignore them.
You hypocrite.

You say you wanna hang out,
Yet you always leave me hanging,
You always stand me up.
You hypocrite.

You always tell me I should apologize,
Because I'm not perfect,
So I'm not good enough.
You f**king hypocrite.

Maybe you're the one
Who needs to step forward
And apologize
To me.

And maybe,
You're just too caught up in yourself
And too blind
To realize it.
Desire Feb 2019
... GOSH!
Stephen Edwardes Sep 2018
Noah's Yellow Arches

Once upon a time when people lived long
Men walked with god but something went wrong
God spoke to Noah upset by the violence
Both men were solemn consumed by a silence

At the end of the almighty's speech
Noah imagined the heights he could reach
His family were chosen to start a clean slate
A flood would be coming from the heavens of hate

His sons were engaged to build a boat
A vessel unimagined by the average bloke
They sawed through timber from dawn till it dusked
A death warrant signed, they kept it all hushed

They gathered a brace of every fair beast
And harvested grain for the meagrest feast
They bound it in cypress and raised a roof
The Ark set sail in search of the truth

For forty long nights and for forty dark days
Rain fell from the sky in tumultuous ways
The deserts were soaked, valleys were drowned
All others perished and Noah was crowned

He walked to the deck saw doves in the sky
A wry sense of irony crept from his eye
A feeling rose up in this most pious a man
Why was he chosen to manage this plan?

He sat sea sick and contemplative
The new most important original native
As his pride bubbled his confidence grew
He thought himself king, with ideas a new

Why have i toiled in the mud and the rain
Working for a god who is both fickle and vain
He tells me he loves me then leaves us in drought
My children catch fevers my crops never sprout

He spoke to his keeper an old Mr Macdonald
he'd served him for years with his trusty son Ronald
when we make land our new life will be sweet
because I'm in charge now and were gonna eat

no more will we plan for a balanced tomorrow
we'll gorge ourselves on all we can swallow
these beasts we hold captive will never be free
we'll farm them so quickly to stupidity

Start with the chickens they've had too much space
pack them in cages then hormonally lace
imagine twenty thousand in one small field
we'll fatten our bellies on the omelettes they yield

of course some will perish before they can breed
so grind those ones back into chicken feed
don't worry about size or when you should slaughter
to make up the difference we'll pump em with water

Now as you all know my favourite is beef
the succulent flavour of steak through the teeth
for this will require the clearing of trees
'the end of all forests' I'll sign the decrees

But Noah what about the bats and the frogs
get to work Ronald and chop me some logs
by the way boss we'll need more grain
the cattle eat half its hard to sustain

The chemicals used might pollute not please
and there's always the chance of mad cow disease
Dont worry my boys i've thought all this through
on both bats and frogs there's little to chew

the grass we'll genetically alter its code
keep all the seeds so no one should know
the illness will be named variently
call it something fun like human cjd

enough of your moaning i want this thing branded
not talking pokers, I want yellow arches clown handed
I want plastic wrapped around toys in a box
I want diabetes disguised as a healthy detox

I don't care for soil and **** the oceans
not even bothered about factory explosions
as long as the workers are fat or obese
their children are stupid and easy to fleece

Noah stood defiant as the Ark hit the shore
he clenched at his chest his left arm was sore
Ronald enquired about a subsidiary
Noah's heart exploded he died in the sea
Ronald opened his doors in 1940.
Spencer Smith May 2018
I look around at the hollow faces surrounding me. They show no emotion or any sign of knowing what they were doing to the kid. He braces himself against a locker, nose broken, unable to stand up, and they keep going. I know when I joined their group I signed up to make people lives miserable, but I never wanted to hurt them. I stare at the kid that pain displayed on his face. He has a look of pure hatred written all over his face, I want to tell them to stop but I can’t. I turn on my heels and walk away. They yell after me to come back and get some of the action, but I can’t. This poor kid did nothing to deserve this, but I can’t bring myself to stop him. I walk out and get in the car. I turn the ignition and drive away. I was most of their way of getting home but I don’t care. I need to be alone. I signed up to hurt others, not thinking of the consequence, all I wanted was to be popular, but the price was much higher than I thought it would be. My soul.
Udit Vashishth Apr 2018

Yeah, I know but you read it right.
That's what I can come up with even if you argue or fight.

Why are girls always the one to stop going out?
Stop your boys even if they get angry or they shout.

Make a new rule at home & don't let your boys move out after 8,
No matter how old are they whether 14 or 28.

You must have seen parents waiting for their daughters at bus stops.
To make sure they're ok calling them 100 times at tops.

See the other way around, wait for your boys there.
Call them 100 times if you see them nowhere.

Why should girls be afraid from the boys sitting at every corner of the street?
Those boys should be punished whenever this misbehavior they repeat.

Teasing every girl with their GANG is fun that's what everyone thinks.
This is the reason why we can't develop enough and that's why our nation stinks.

Stop your boys from moving out of the home after 8.
Else sitting there, just to tease them, for every passing girl they'll wait.

Why are girls supposed to live their lives in restriction?
Make a law like this that's what I expect whoever has this jurisdiction.

None of this is their fault then why are they hiding? Why should they cry?
They're not meant to remain inside, give them wings and please let them fly.
I was very hurt after knowing about the little girl being brutally ***** by 8 men. That's shame on our society.
I cannot bare see, someone so close to me whom I care so much for, throw away their life so quickly.
Bryan J Townsend Feb 2015
stop it.


pop it
lock it
drop it

I'm serious

this isn't an idiom
you idiot you look
dumb as a ***
to sum it.
stop it.
there she is all 'innocent' -PLEASE
the funny thing is that she yet still thinks that I don't know
that she was and still is at fault
that she is the reason for all the confusion and drama
the sad thing is that I actually thought that she was
different well I was kind of right- never met anyone
that deceiving
I actually thought that she had my back
that I can count on her that I can trust her
but apparently I was oh so very wrong
that lying little..........................
but life is too precious to waste on fools like that
its not funny and its not acceptable
but yet I still forgive and forget
now I am used to having
another one just coming at me one by one
testing my patience but they don't get to me
as much as they used to
there will always be another one waiting patiently for me
I have been facing things like this for years now and the cup couldn't hold anymore. like seriously secondary school I expected people to be a little more mature.................. I wish not to announce the person's name publicly but I am sure that most of you know what I mean and there is a line and this person just ran past it
don't** wait 4 someone 2 tell u 2 stop being foolish!
be the best u can b let haters b haters and let u b u!
its stupid  why do u just hide in a corner? get out there!
be the life changer you were made to be let them say whatever
you are uniquely made! have pride and never let anyone take that way from you
stand up 4 yourself!
I am sick and tired of people's self esteem being torn down by FOOLS!!
WistfulHope Jan 2015
im unstable and crazy                                                            
and panicked and angry                                                        
and all of the terrible things                                                  

im foolish and weak                                    
and frightened and bleak                            
and all of the terrible things                        

im annoying and reckless  
and deadly and worthless  
and all of the terrible things
die die, death by suicide? die die, death by suicide?
die die, death by suicide? die die, death by suicide?
die die, death by suicide? die die, death by suicide?

stop stop stop stop
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