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Not always good to hear
Not always the thing you wanna share
But please lets face it
Without truth, how will you make it?
So c'mon now
We gotta tell the truth, or show it somehow
Down to the girl or boy you don't like
Just tell them, but without spite
So spread the word about the importance of Truth
And help others realize  and believe me, some will go mute........
Some ppl r scared to tell the truth bcuz they dont know what others will think....... What i say to dat is........ MAN! U R SAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!!!
please everyone go to Just Melz's website-  and help her please!! act as if it were you in the situation................. please act quickly!!!!!!!!
this is not a poem this is a request please hurry!!
BertJane Perez
I can never be that girl you adore
The same girl you would do anything for
Someone you've admired long before me
And someone that fits your own reality

I'm just a boy who wants to have you
But dreams like these never come true
I can never be more of a woman than her
She'll always be the one you'd prefer

Fate is so fickle and yet so so sweet
I'm glad fate decided you and I would meet
But if I had the choice to choose my path
I would forget you instead of facing love's wrath

She is your dream and your desire
And you are something I can only wish to acquire
I've accepted you and I cannot be together
Because I know in my heart I can never be her
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