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Ophelia Oct 2014
Your fingers between mine
Warm breath on my neck
Hair tickling my nose
Your body wrapped around mine
My heart beating with yours
Cold feet against my legs
Hot hands under my shirt
Smooth skin under my fingertips
Your perfume in my throat
Hot breath mixed with mine
I cannot sleep
if you are not there
I am so used to you
PN Parent Aug 2014
His arms wrap around Me
His body molds to Mine
and We become two spoons

Our minds mesh together
both thinking of the Other

His stare acts as My shield
forever protecting My heart
from breaking into two

I turn to give Him a smile
a sort of thank You
and to tell Him the three words
I never told Him enough

But He disappears
fading into My memory
and is forever gone

and for a second
I can't even remember His face
Adriean New Jul 2014
There are some pros & cons
of spooning.

Pro #1:
Getting to hold her at night.
Con #1:
Her hair is all in your face.

Pro #2:
You're close to her all night.
Con #2:
You have no place but to lay on one arm.

There are some pros & cons of being the big spoon.
But it doesn't bother you
because you're holding the love of your life.
Brynn Louise Apr 2014
You finally gave in.
I could feel how tense you were;
How each nerve in your body felt-
Rejecting the situation against their will.

But then you gave in to yourself.
And then me.
You relaxed and your arm pulled in,
Pulling me with; you felt strong.

Your nose nudged the back of my head,
Making me smile into the dark.
You held me and the moment
As if it were the most important thing.

With each breath you took in
It filled the curve of my back,
And then I could breathe easy.
Because you finally gave in to us.

— The End —