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  Feb 2018 Mey
Anne Webb
It's time to say goodbye
to the girl I used to be
so look me in the eye
and promise you won't wait for me

I'm sorry to break your heart
but I just ain't coming back
I'm done playing my part
it's been turning my heart black

I'm sorry to break your heart
but I just can't force myself to stay
it's better when we're apart
so I will stay away

... somewhere I have no part to play.

P.S. we wouldn't work anyway
Mey Jun 2017
The reason why I write
Is when I am hurt
At that moment
Or for a long time

The reason why I'm hurt
Is when I am left
By my friend
Or a lover of mine

And when I'm hurt
I can't help but write
A number of poems
And their name in acrostic

And when it's written
They disappear entirely
From my heart
From my life

This is the curse of my writing
I have written several about you
And now I'm afraid
That I might lose you
Mey May 2017
Just a few years back, I remember how I tried not to mingle
As I am being surrounded by new faces.
I prefer to wait for my colleagues from other sections
Than spending time with the unwanted people.

I've been clinging so much with the past
That I almost missed the beauty of the present.
So, I slowly adjusted as someone had lead the way
Finally, I have a home to stay.

But things happen for a reason
Like what my friend have written.
On how such a wind can change
The direction of the wings it takes.

I suddenly felt like an alien
From my very own planet.
An area that I used to call home
Is now conquered by people I don't even know
Mey Apr 2017
Today is a very special day
I don't know which words to say
But I hope that you are okay
Even if you just slept all day

I've been thinking a lot of things
Like crafting or buying gifts
But I failed to save up for these
Instead, I'm here writing this

I used to spend days writing our papers
Always saying, there's still time for later
But writing sweet poems such as this
It took me just minutes, I won't remiss

Today marks your young adult year
New doors will open, and the light is near
I hope you're having fun with your mates
Drinking and laughing like old time's sake
Mey Jan 2017
If only I can manipulate the time
Just like in the movies
I'll make the best choices
Lessen my mistakes
Knows which food is better
No more failed relationships
Ace my failed courses
Knows who to trust
Who to ignore
And what to believe

I would go back
Change everything that has to be changed
Replace sad memories with happy ones
And meet you at our favorite spots

But I wouldn't
Not because it is impossible
Nor I was a happy, satisfied kid
But because whatever happened in the past
Is what molded me for what I am today

What about the sad memories?
It is hard to forget
But it made me stronger, better
I may not be perfect
I don't have anything to be proud of

But this is me
And you'd have to accept
For who I am
Mey Dec 2016
I was broken
Shattered, wrecked
Torn into million pieces

I had tasted
The bitterness of love
The saltiness of blood

I had the worst
Encountering people
Walking out of my life

But it felt so good
Even when it hurts
But I am no *******

I have learned
Whom to trust
Whom to ignore

Beyond all those pain
Every step molds me
Into a better, stronger person
Part 1, maybe
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