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Can you feel this fear
Orchestrated by a tear
Made by a scared thought
Pushed by what the mind taught
Listen now to this trembling story
Illustrated by an apologetic sorry
Compacted by a mirror broken
Agony of those words never spoken
Time came when terror made a mark
Erupted to ignite this morbid spark
Darkness becomes a tad complicated
Copyright Chris Smith 2014
A stranger visited the Earth,
This is what he saw.

No one could love, love was gone.

No one believed, it wasn't allowed.

No one sought peace, there was only their way.

No one could think, it was done for us.

No one would change, they needed permission.

No one cared, because no one would dare.

The stranger decided to confront those in power,
They lobotomised him to become a no one.
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Ben Ditmars Jul 2014
illusions of
escape velocity
for us became
placebos like
a gentle darkness
gumshoes into

© Ben Ditmars 2014
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