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Arthur Blank May 2022
Like the ocean, vast
Your waves encompass my heart
I am lost in you
Arthur Blank May 2022
Soft pitter patter
Falling on soft gentle leaves
Says the forest rain
Arthur Blank Apr 2022
The flower long gone
The heart plucked by winters hand
And for a moment
Her pedals once soft again
Held behind closed eyes.
Arthur Blank Mar 2022
There was silence then
Trees, bird and stream came alive
And all life made sense.
Arthur Blank Mar 2022
There's no love today.
I sit on a distant shore,
Watching waves throw shapes,
Stark blue and emerald traces,
In them my heart excapes.
Arthur Blank Mar 2022
To say whence it came
Black puddles mirrored the sky
Night brought heavy rain
Arthur Blank Mar 2022
What does he say
That warm days are here to stay
When the small bird sings?
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