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Just a few moments
Lived a thousand times after
Shadows of a ghost.
Arthur Blank Apr 8
Pain delt is pain known
A debt must be paid in blood
Lest knowledge bestowed
Arthur Blank Mar 19
It was a short trip anyways
But watching you
In the rear view
Has left me panged

Rain fall on windows
Like tears
I guess there's always
Next year

All my love
All my hope
Dissipates in
Tailpipe smoke

I Knew leaving I'd feel
This way
But I kissed you

Well, I kiss you
And you kissed me
Too bad I have to leave
I guess we'll always have Tennessee.
Arthur Blank Mar 10
Why do I have to put my race down to Apply for a job in 2021?
Also why are the not enough boxes to check for exactly who/what i am?
Why does it matter?
For the good or bad?
Why can't I just put a check in the box that says American?
Oh, wait, thats a separate question...
I guess I prefer not to answer..
Arthur Blank Mar 10
The whole world turns black
A perpetual feeling
I fade into you.
More times then others
Arthur Blank Feb 11
Your smile oft sings to me
And my love laden heart
A melody of melancholy
For if we do depart

No soaring sunrise
Between the
mountains high
No babling brook
In a Meadow bliss
Can bring me
Beauty I'd so
Madly miss
And lips to
Never again
Valentines day is coming you hopless romantics!!
Arthur Blank Jan 25
I have known since long ago
Souls are not made of flesh and bone
Not of muscle, sinew or tissue
That they are deeper and within you

They live beyond us mortal beings
And they see past the eye of seeing
That they endure more then life
With all its pain and all its strife

With them they carry our lifes lessons
And with time they never lessen
But grow stronger over time
Forever and eternally they will shine

When my body has grown old
My skin is not the story told
I will live forever
A debt my soul endeavors

When I'm gone do not miss me here
If your sad please do not shed a tear
Even Out of sight I'll be around
Whether above or below ground

So come the day that I may die
From deaths hand I will not hide
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