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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
When I run, I run with speed
In which becomes a gentle breeze
Soaring though the asphalt heat
Opposing wind blanketing
Speeding down a blistering street      
While                                                           ­   Y                                          
          My      ­                                                      L
         ­       Prudent                                              E
   ­                           Mind                                  ­E
                                        Wanders             R
                                                               ­ F
The picture kind of resembles a shoe I think.
scar Jun 2015
Two runners meet;
The lonesome path
On which they both do tread
Is shadowed by the maple trees
Which guide them in their stead.
Clarice Alvarez Nov 2014
Don't leave me
biting the dust
as you speed away.
10w. Don't get attracted to runners.
Daria Jun 2014
The dark silence loomed around us
Like a knife ready to fall
We feared our blood being spilled around us all

When the first scream errupted I was ready to run
But the dark all around us made me stumble and fall
When we realized he died, we all sprinted in fright and
hoped that we all got out alive.

Running forever in chaotic silence
Trying too hard to keep surviving

Screams all around me cut through like spears
Swiftly dead bodies were falling from spheres.
These spheres were like slicing bullets
they were, like enclosing traps with goo and gore.

Running forever in chaotic silence
Trying too hard to keep surviving

We followed the underground path,
until we spotted a metallic ladder
Climbing and climbing, the screeching growing louder,
We opened the lid and climbed out of the sewer.

Blinding light hit us like searing pain,
and blinded us all though we thought we might be safe again.
Some more screams errupting, as dead bodies fall, we quickly
clmbed out of our imprisoned hall.
This is just what I felt after reading Maze Runner, and so I took one of the moments and made it into a poem.
Will Rogers III Jun 2014
They run and run and run
It seems, with little time to feel the sun
And yet, what they have begun
Is something that can easily be undone.

Dodging the trees here and there
They run through this thick and heavy air.
An end to this overgrown forest do they give silent prayer
But little do they know that they’re on the path to despair.

They hide from the sun’s bright
For they know not of its delight,
And instead they run to the darkness on the right
Thinking they will find some light.

However, their path is crooked and steep
As they run through the forest deep.
They are like lost sheep
Not realizing they need to awake from their sleep.

They see others running passed the trees
Dodging them with ease.
They wonder what makes the others so pleased
To be running through this breeze.

The others also fall down,
But they get back up and help those around.
While they run through darkness abound,
The others run through bright clearings round.
[composed on April 28, 2012]

— The End —