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Brent Kincaid Nov 2017
We have the wherewithal
To feed every boy and girl.
We also have the resources
To blow up half the world.

We have the extra cash
To let Congressmen roam
And also full resources
To give everybody a home.

We have plenty of money
To pay countries to like us.
Why can’t we make life
For our own people joyous?

We seem to be able to
Make death machines for all,
Why can’t we create for us
Medicine whose cost is small?

We can afford to give subsides
To the corporate welfare queens
So, why can’t we figure out how
To make functioning voting machines?

We buy stupid tripe every day in print
Why can’t we give up that crap for lent?
We hurl insults at non-Christians brothers.
It’s not possible this is what Jesus meant.

We have the wherewithal
To feed every boy and girl.
We also have the resources
To blow up half the world.
hungry for the tons of resources
that lay beneath the
hungry for them and looking
to find what else can be

the hunger is never ending
we're consuming more and more
the hunger doesn't abate
as if there's a colossus galore

the world's population
exhausting the
the world's population
eating every crumb of

yet the day will arrive
when our precious resources
aren't readily at hand
they'll be depleted in supply
running down to a level  
that won't service demand

too hungry the population
too hungry the  population
You can run out of all the richest resources on this planet
And still be rich
Because when I have something like you
I'm still very wealthy
Your soul is more than gold
Your influence will never get old
I want to grow old
With you
I want to be my thoughtfully ***** minded self with you
Maybe its normal
But I have to admit it
Or else I'd feel like I'm lying to myself when i think I'm not
I want to strike gold
By having your hand to hold
David Omodunmiju Apr 2016
The power of resources beyond lack
Filling up every vacuum of want
What could we ever ask?
When there’s provision for what we need not yet

In Heaven’s Economy
Peace that passes understanding
Erasing the fear of depression
With enough confidence to face tomorrow
Provided through the network of faith

Heavens' Economy
Where the existence of famine is not recognized
Even the least budget is well organized
Its treasures are incorruptible
And only by faith is it accessible
Reserved for the people in His kingdom
Managed by His wisdom
Heaven’s economy, powered by God.
Raghu Menon Nov 2015
What if
all the species
on earth except humans
Got united and attacked us:-

For being so stupid and inhuman
For being so idiotic to destroy
our own common place of living ..

For mining our own resources
to the bottom so that nothing is left for future..
even for our future generations..

For being so cannibalistic,
for being in war, for being parasitic,
for killing our own species..
In the name of religion, caste, colour and creed

That big nations manufacture weapons
To be sold to terrorists
To **** its own people?
And then hunt the so called terrorists
Which are their own making?

What if there were no religions?
What if there were no castes?
What if there were no Gods?

What if there were no fights?
What if if there were no wars?
What if there was only peace?
Sydney Ann Jan 2015
I can't believe
How spoiled I am
I have a bed to sleep in
Yet sometimes I want more.
Such a brat!
Thinking I deserve these things
While people who work
100,000 times harder than me
Die every day
Without the things I take for granted
Things I never even think of
Why am I alive
If I'm such a waste of resources
All the wealth in the hands of the few. Very saddening.

— The End —