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Prashasti Aryal Nov 2018
The sun shines over the horizon,
Waking the world with its light.

And then he takes off to the field,
Playing along with the dandelions.

Wind brushes the hair out of his mysterious eyes,
As he gazes at the scenery full of yellow.

Dandelions dangling along the soft breeze,
He runs his hand along them as he walks past.

His toms slipping on the yellowish grass,
As he glides across the field.

He opens his empty arms widely,
And screams.

Screams in pain, sorrow, relief and joy.
Have you ever felt joy and grief both at the same time? You want to laugh out loud but you're sobbing.And you want to cry but you can't stop laughing
Amanda Sep 2018
Try to write away
My love for you but I still
Feel it in my heart
I do feel so much better after eriting down my thoughts but the pain doesnt go away like i wish it to.
Sabbathius Jan 2016
Around around, these stairways down the void
This relic hid, it must not be destroyed!
I keep the candles lit to guide the way
They follow straight behind in silent pray

It is my one and only task, my role!
It is the purpose of my very soul
I sweep these beaten steps in every side
Await arrival of new ones to guide

Whoever they may be, I welcome all!
And do my best to keep them standing tall
When finding hard to keep a steady pace
They trust the healing powers of this place

When languish weighs enough to shed a tear
Their spirit-selves depart and spawn in here
This realm provides the means to cure their ills
Without the need of dulling pain with pills

Proceeding slowly on this soothing trip
In state of trance, descending further deep
Forgetting lies, betrayals, plots and schemes
Embracing peace of mind in midst of dreams

*Keeper of the Mourners Haven by João Massada is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Poetic T Sep 2014
They were my angels
They flew to forgive their
That had been a burden
But as there wings spread
Screamed from their lungs
As there transgressions
Were wiped a soul clean,
Then their souls free
Let their bodies hit the floor,
The paper gave me a name
"Fallen Angel"
"As if I was a sin"
I had cleansed many before
So much to be done,
I knew of them
Planned it, souls freed
Some resisted,
"But all fall before me"
They will be cleansed,
A child Is pure,
There wings white from birth,
But those
Who transgress
Will fly,
***** before they fly
Wings open purified
Their bodies hit the floor
I cleanse sin
But they have found me
Called me by name
Fallen Angel,
I smile
As I jump
For I have cleansed the many
But I am a fallen angel,
I am now cleansed
As my body hits the floor  
I was the fallen angel now still on the ground below.
Inspired by Drowning Pool
(Let The Bodies Hit The floor)

— The End —