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Sap Jan 7
When you look up at the stars
It's the eyes of the universe watching
Checking up on you
To see how you are

Curious and mysterious
Don't be shy, ask about their day
Be kind and approachable
Don't be afraid to reach out

Talk to the universe
About your dreams and desires
Your fears and sadness
They'll understand you

For the night sky is always there
To check in with you
When you're swarmed with your thoughts
Find solace in the quiet of the night

The universe will watch over you
Take the time to appreciate the night if you can
Sap Jan 6
There is solace in our garden
With a little bit of cheer
An everlasting paradise
Or maybe you didn't hear

Winter comes around
But we are safe here
With the long lasting tree
The Evergreen one

The warmth of the furnace
And the smell of a meal
Are enough to drive away
Any pests that come too near

Spring eventually arrives
As winter readily leaves
The garden once again
With solace in the air
Something to get you through the winter
Sap Jan 5
Destiny is a funny little thing
But I can't seem to find it
Where is it? Is there a map?
Should I follow the stars?

The stars aren't always right
Constantly changing locations
But the dirt under my feet is always true
It keeps me grounded

The Earth is always there for me
It is my refuge
Even if I do not know where to go
My feet will always know the place called home

What do the stars know of this?
They live so far removed
In a void with no air
Suffocating themselves to doom

I will follow my feet
They know the way to go
Where ever my destiny is
They will surely know 🌍🌏🌎
Sap Jan 1
We are born
With fire in our veins
Fairness, justice, peace in our hearts
And diligence in our hands

Our arms ready to build
With dreams in our mind
We set plans
For an idealized mirage

From a distance
The ocean is beautiful
Yet, it was salty

With heads held high
Our shoulders growing weary
We carry ourselves to each other
To face the tidal waves ready

Together, we are reborn
With fire in our veins
Sap Dec 2020
Reading is a journey
Where you can travel
And come back with souvenirs
Inspired by my love of reading. It seems as if I'm traveling somewhere and bringing back a little bit of something from each book into my own life. This is my first poem on here, so tell me what you think of it!
Sap Dec 2020
If you are the moon, then I am the sea
Since the beginning of time
Where the moon goes, I follow
Underneath the moon, I glow
With love and beauty

If only the moon saw their reflection
Without the celestial body
Without you
I would not exists

Billions of stars in the universe
But only one moon
So bright, so beautiful
So light, so dazzling
And to exist only once
Amongst the millions of galaxies

I would not be here
If it wasn’t for you
Without the heavenly body
If only you knew

With attraction and divinity
I reflect
High tide and low tide
I go towards you
Since the beginning of our existence
You are the moon and I am the sea
This can be seen as either a romantic piece or a piece about companionship. I wrote it as a piece to represent the love between a particular fandom and artists. Take it how you will, let me know what you think!

— The End —