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once privileged
28/F/Michigan    Patience. Dreaming. Trying to live in the pace set for reality or whatever this may be. Indulging in the glories of pain


Fucking tired Sep 2016
I'm denied a job
Because they want "diversity"
I ask you,
Is my "white privilege"

I'm don't get scholarships
For being white.
Because they want "diversity"
That appears to mean not whites.
I ask
Where is my "white privilege"?

I'm scared to take my little sister out
To play
Because people call for our deaths
For what our ancestors did.
Is this "white privilege"?

I'm too scared to say
That someone's black
As a description.
Because I'll be labeled "racist"
Is this the so called
"White privilege"?

I'm beat up by colored people
Because being white
Means I'm a "*******"
Is this "white privilege"?

I'm mugged because they think
I'm rich.
Is this my "white privilege"?

If I pass high school,
I must not have earned it
Because I'm white.
This is "white privilege"?

If I date a black man
I'm a snow bunny ****.
This is a "white privilege"?

If I'm a white girl
I must be whiny and spoiled
When I grew up poor
And abusived
And Neglected
Again I ask you
Where is my "white privilege"?

If I have a colored friend
I'm accused of trying to look
Not racist
Where is my "white privilege"?

If I have a southern drawl
And I'm white
I'm singled out
As the racist southern girl
Where is my "white privilege".

I'm told I should have white guilt
Beat up
For being white.

So again I ask
where is my white privilege?
Because all I see is *white hate
irma pielle Jul 2018
Yea of course,
a woman,
a black woman
a darker black woman to be exact..
have black privilege because thats a thing you know
Its like when I walk into the store and get followed ..  yea
or that time i came back to school with my “extensions” and was told my hair grows fast
or maybe its when a white person comes up to me asking if i listen to 21 savage because “black people listen to rap right?”
or my favorite is telling my brother to be safe
as he heads out the door worrying he may be shot for reaching for his wallet
maybe its when i worry about whether or not my brother or cousins or father will be the next Trayvon martin or Eric garner or philando castille even
my black privilege
has allowed me to be labeled as loud and ratchet and sometimes a ***
because that what dark skin black girls are
right ..
yea ….
thats black privilege
its getting told I'm pretty for a black girl
its being told I'm intimidating and mean and ugly natured
but no no i swear its not cause your black
I love black people I'm not racist
Slavery happened years ago
Black people are racist too
im not racist i just don't like black people  
yea … I've heard it all.
No !
im not just another “angry black girl”
Im just a black girl
Im not mad don't get me wrong
I just wanted to inform you on my black privilege
I wanted to inform you that it is NOT okay to touch my hair
that is NOT  okay to say to mock “black slang”
It is not okay to say “are you speaking english” when i talk
It is not okay to put my people through hundreds of years of slavery and oppression and systemic racism and TELL US TO GET OVER IT!
Im sorry excuse my tone of voice
but can you blame me for getting worked up when I have to worry about whether or not my people will come home at night
yea …
thats MY black privilege
Claire Elizabeth Oct 2015
It would be a privilege to love you, my dear
A privilege to have my heart broken by you

It would be a privilege to touch you, my dear
A privilege to be burned by you

I couldn't imagine anyone else but you tangling my hair in fingers
Long and lean, strong and clean

I wouldn't rather any other human to taint my wasted lips
And scar my pale hands with heated fingerprints

It would be a privilege to love you, my dear
And a privilege to be broken by you.