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Fall into me
On me, in me
Fall around me

Fall, fall, fall I
Promise I have
You in my arms

All you need is
To trust in me
Trust I have you

I do! I always
Have had your back
I always will

So time to fall
Back and close your
Eyes and let me
Do you trust me?
Cassia Sep 2018
Sometimes you will stutter
Before you find the words
Other times your heart will flow
And fly away like birds

Sometimes you will stumble
On the path you walk
That doesn't mean the path is wrong
Or that your heart is locked

There are times you will hate
The world and all its lies
Don't turn your back, but don't accept
Their faults or victim's cries

One day perhaps you'll realize
The cold and hardened truth
Sometimes you have to simply fall
To see who'll jump with you
See what I mean by 'not in my right mind'? Ah, the struggle is real, fellow poets.

— The End —