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Rustle McBride Jun 2016
The battle was imminent.
The forces were joined.
No longer was time standing idle.
Outnumber and ******
by 100 to 1,
the Spartans stood fervid and vital.

The Greeks were united,
though the Spartans alone
were the ones charged with their protection.
At Thermopylae pass,
300 men stood
together in imperfect perfection.

"Surrender your arms"
King Xerxes demanded,
"Surrender, and let the Persians betake them."
Leonidas replied "Molon Labe!" my foe,
**"If you want them, then you come and take them."
The beginning of a poem i'm working on about King Leonidas response to the Persians who demand that they lay down their arms and surrender to the superior force of 300,000 men.
Äŧül Feb 2016
Kabul kab luti ye to na maaloom chal saka,
Magar kamobesh halchal to kabhi se thi.

When Kabul was gutted it couldn't be known,
But the drift was more or less the same since long.
I'm happy now.

Self-derived definition:
Whimmings, like whim, can also relate to sudden change of mind.

My HP Poem #1028
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jan 2016
It was in the Mughal period
That a combined bathroom,
Shower & toilet put together,
Were called a Ghusl Khana.
Inside it proceeded many stuff,
Literally meaning cleansing,
Of both the body and soul.

Sat the emperor inside,
Busy in cleaning his body,
And his soul too with water,
And with the warmth of it,
He tried cleansing his soul,
After administrating the empire,
And being engaged in battles.

The battles of truth,
The battles of trust,
The battles of faith.
My HP Poem #993
©Atul Kaushal
Marlena R Sep 2015
If you had only let us be,
just you & me...
This love...
We'd grow,
you know.

But God has plans
for seeds of love
Look at all the wildflowers
on this earth.
All the gardens
are born from
soulmate passion
& so "wasted" love
is fashioned
into lisianthus & persian roses...
& as they bloom..
under our noses...
My heart closes
for you my dear...
your naked ****
you never chose
God only knows
if we'll find happiness,
God only knows
God only knows.
Maudlin House Aug 2015
by Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh

O, witnesses of the night
Exile me
To the most distant point of the universe
In the complex area of the vacuum
Moment by moment
I think about my enjoyment
That night
The voice of the calligrapher's pen was heard
And I feigned sleep
I became tired
Is my place to act
I have acknowledged my faith
I shall go to the cemetery
To dig a grave for myself
The weather is cold
It's snowing
And umbrellas
Have put my burial ceremony off.
EXILE ME will be released August 29th from Maudlin House Press (
Äŧül Apr 2015
Love from you, my darling,
In the darkest of days, I need it.
Love from you, my beautiful,
In the blackest of nights, I wish it.
Love from you, my inamorata,
In the loneliest evenings, I require it.
Love from you o my best friend.

Love from you, o my baby,
In the playful days, I enjoy it.
Love from you, my dilruba,
In my sorrowful time, I miss it.
Love from you, my humjoli,
In all my joyful time I cherish it.
Love from you, my humdum.

Love from you o my lover,
In the brightest days, I need it.
Love from you, my gorgeous,
In the whitest dreams, I desire it.
Love from you, my mehbooba,
In the busiest mornings, I yearn it.
Love from you, my Jaan-e-mann.
Meanings of the Persian/Urdu/Hindi terms used:
1. Mehbooba: the (feminine) lover
2. Jaan-e-mann: the life force of soul
3. Dilruba: the reason of heartbeat
4. Humjoli: the sole secret-keeper
5. Humdum: the better part of life

My HP Poem #827
©Atul Kaushal
Sam Shoyer May 2014
Tales of riches in sequins
Like a lavish cloak of red
Swirling around to catch
The soft touch of raw skin

Each begins far away
A swarm of bees you can hear
But cannot see
And draws closer
Capturing your mind
And holding it
In an oscillating state
Between trance and attention

You see the rubies
Wish to steal them yourself
From the merchant
You wish to seek council
From the Grand-Visir
Thwart the wicked Sultan
And trick the Genius

The tales weave from one to another
They are a stream
Dispersing in a delta
But following each small stream
Meeting back at the source
In an unending circle
Of stories large or small

Stories of old men passing by
Of brother princes splitting land
Of merchants voyaging to trade
Of cunning daughters plotting

No corner of the world to far
No event not to be believed
No action too kind
No punishment too severe
No journey too long
No treasure too hidden

These tales are the life within human blood
The life that has no boundaries
And looks only for the sun

— The End —