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Mystic904 Oct 2017
Dil em tang shuda azi dunya awlay che kunum
Purson maikunum, ini aale now ra che kunum

Naona ika thur nako da chaye janum
Aftiden da chaah, maigin awlay che kunem

Heart's feeling full of this life, what to do?
Asking hence, with the newbies, what to do?

Dip not fully the self, hey dear you shouldn't!
Drowing in the well de despair, crying what to do?

c. Teeri
Shadowhollow Feb 2017
Wonder wonder little girl,
How the world can be so cruel ,
Your no cover girl ,
But your a fool ,
Always stuck in your head ,
How far will you go ?
One day you'll end up dead ,
So go with the flow ,
Your gonna learn ,
The shadows are not your friends ,
People look at you with concern ,
You need to make amends,
If not ,
The devil awaits ,
You fought ,
But they dominate ,
Wonder little girl ,
The shadows hide you,
Demons snarl ,
Do you know what's true ?
How long can you hide,
Before you loose who you are ?
This is about me and how I'm always somewhere else .

— The End —