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I can write books
Full of love songs
Only recalling
Stories about kissing
Those rosy lips of you.
Finally, I’ve received the long-expected news
You have come back failed and disappointed
You cruelly abandoned me and went to him
To my rival, I don’t believe you preferred him
I knew from the beginning, clearly as before
You will come back to me shameful again
But I am not that idiot you knew, any more
Now, I have learned so many hard lessons
From my bitter past and experiences in life
Now I am expecting to meet you very soon
You will ask me to give you a new chance

You have come to me now and I’m happy
I don’t remember any plans that I made
This moment, that I can see you again
I know now how much love I have for you
Let’s forget all the **** parts in the past
Only recalling sweet moments, start again
The small window of a cell
The only freedom of the prisoner
He can see blue skies only
During the day, darkness at night
He can travel all the globe
Using his imaginations and dreams
But his fantasy is ever fading
Day by day to shrink and reduce
To that mere little light source
He has just hours in the dark walls
The body is a prison for the soul
It has imprisoned the happy free soul
The soul doesn’t know anything
About limits, borders, the material things
These are facts that only matter
To the body, mortal, confined in the time
When the soul is put in jail of the body
For such a long period of time, in the end
It forgets as a bird in the cage
The ability to fly free in the eternal sky
This unjust globe prevents me
Being in a place that deserves me
We go on protest for this every day
With all the talents, the world is unfair
But we need our expertise in the reality
Despite unfair rules, we should justify
There is no point in a painless victory
Those fought hard remarked in history
Seeing the dreamland from far is easy
Who cares when you can’t find an entry
A boat is needed to cross to the other shore
If you can’t find one, you should dare to swim
No change for better without any threatening
On the way to glory, wild waves are roaring
To be great, one should accept the challenges
No good records in history for the jellyfishes
She is a peaceful soul
Looks for true emotions
She stays away from fakes
Prefers honesty and frankness
Her core characters are
Innocence and a simple life
You may think it's stupid
But she's proud about it
You may think it's easy
To make a fool of her
She may get jokes late
She may say silly things
But it's never important
She is pleasant and merry.
22:52, Friday, June 21, 2019
On a business trip
Far from you again
It's only for days
But it seems like years
I missed your hug
Kissing on your lips
Wow! Just now, here
A woman passed by
Unfortunately, she has
Put on your fragrance
She never has the right
To do this to me
She reminds me of you
But you are far away!
00:01, Wednesday, June 12, 2019
After days and nights without sleep
Sleep finally forcefully came to me
I had a dream then and very soon
What a dream! sweet as is honey
You were there and you were happy
It seemed that you have forgotten
The fight we had just before you part
I wish the dream was a real one
We could be together again forever
I wish you gave me a little chance
To explain all about these delusions
I woke suddenly and got surprised
By you, standing right in the doorway
You said nothing but came to me
You kissed me, I knew I'm forgiven
9:47, Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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