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Hamed M Dehongi Oct 2023
In the heart of the barren desert,
Where sand dunes dance and mirages glitter,
Lived an old man, wise and weathered,
With a dream that burned like fire.

He dreamed of an oasis,
A verdant oasis,
Where travelers could find respite,
And life could flourish and thrive.

With his bare hands, he dug and planted,
Nurturing life in the harshest land.
He planted palm trees and watered them,
And soon, a green oasis arose.

The travelers came, weary and thirsty,
And the old man welcomed them with open arms.
He gave them shade and water,
And a place to rest and refresh.

The oasis flourished, and the old man's dream came true.
It became a beacon of hope and life in the desert,
A testament to the power of one man's vision.

And so, the old man lived his life,
Building an oasis in the desert,
And showing the world that anything is possible,
If you have the courage to dream.
Hamed M Dehongi Dec 2019
You lie in peace , fast asleep
Drowned in dream, so deep

As if you don't have any news
The troubles you always refuse

World and so many men you set
On fire, you might not know  yet

Love you sell around the world
Still you don't buy, a single word

What use of love when inaccessible
I asked in flash, you were available

You know nothing of love, you said
True lover, of end, is not afraid
Hamed M Dehongi Dec 2019
The world as you see

Might be different in reality

The sight as you see

Might be distorted dramatically

Never trust your own judgment

Until no prejudice in your mentality
Hamed M Dehongi Sep 2019
I should have done my homework before
You took the test of love and I failed

I miscalculated the difficulties that may arise
On the way that the destination was your love

I discovered too late that you were so good
That I should've prepared myself to be in level

Now what can I do when I have lost you
Not anything, only the deep regret forever
Hamed M Dehongi Sep 2019
We thought it's enough
For us forever
To only have
A perfect love
A pure love
That was never enough
Hamed M Dehongi Sep 2019
He loved two!
One usually left him at the sunset
One came to him when moon was shining.
He couldn't decide which one
Was his real love
The official one
Or what was officially
A forbidden love
Hamed M Dehongi Aug 2019
Poetry is painting
With the words

To transfer a message
You keep in mind

To express emotions
You hold deep in heart

Painting is poetry
Without the words

To transfer a message
Can't be told by words

To express emotions
You don't even know

The extreme joy is when
You combine the two
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