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Lily Apr 2018
My mind keeps spinning,
My heart is breaking,
My thoughts are circling,
And I can’t seem to find any relief.
I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way,
That all the things that are happening to me
Are not that bad, and I shouldn’t worry.
Yet I do, and I can’t stop, and
I know that’s unhealthy,
But I have an overreacting tendency
That’s so natural.
My mind naturally runs in circles,
Like a computer program that is set
To only one function that cannot be
This overreaction is slowly killing me,
From the inside out.
I’m cold, I’m hot,
I’m hungry, I can’t stand to look at food,
I’m okay, and then I’m not.
I’m not okay.
Jet Feb 2018
when you asked me what it was about you
i didnt really know how to reply
it took me now to discover
how you always make me feel so high

it was a glance when i saw you
hypnotized by your eyes
the more i see you, the more i want you
but i wont know until i try

all it takes it one step forward
but everytime im near you, i overreact
drooling when i see you
i think im about to have a spasm attack
stupid lil crush :)
Viseract May 2016
I over-react quite a lot
It's one of my biggest flaws
I get angry real easy
This kid has got some claws

I'm over protective
Just a little defensive
Sometimes, quite offensive
But nobody's perfect

I slink in the shadows
Do you know who I am?
I might say I'm okay
But do you really understand?

I have scars on my body
And one pasted on my face
Ever heard of a façade?
This one is black buttons and lace
the first part is just the mirror. the second is both, parts are just illusions
Rockie Jul 2015
I don't want to act
Like I overreact
But how can I
When I'm dwelling on it
For too long?

— The End —