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Power verb
Direct, yes
Verbose is
How I wrote

Still I write in open circles
Even I don't know what I mean. Trust.
Looping back, is there not an artistry in that?

Adjective for the ages
Cut to form,
Don't get me wrong,
It sounds fitting
With the way you lead your life.

Your confines.

Look at all my fitted pieces.
I bend the lines with word as waveform.
Looping back,
Fulfilling is
As useless
As it is
Anna Vu Nov 2018
i take a long look

at the sullen skies

represented in your eyes

and the bitter lies

coming out of your mouth.

i struggle to push out a retort,

but i know the resistance is there.

stuck between the gums and my teeth.

but alas, it doesn't matter because

it shows in the tears trickling out of my eyes

and rolling down my face.

i know why're you're lying to me,

and i hate it.

so i ask,

"will you ever break through the hope that you fear,

to reach a love that will last?"

you're silent.

understandably so.

and so i say again,

before i storm out of this sad excuse of a meeting

to discourage me to love you any further

in this sickening sweet, quaint cafe.

"do you love me enough to love me?"

i blink once.


i walk out with disguised anger

but blatant disappoint and grief weighing down my heart.

"will you ever?"
wow this was a real sad one wasn't it. got inspiration for this when i was struggling to fall asleep last night. don't know what overcame me. oh yEA! i remember now. it was because of a kirkbaku fanfiction. made me feel all sorts of romantic angst wow.
Francie Lynch Aug 2015
It's an asset to  be taciturn,
Reticent, laconic, terse,
And to the point.
I consider myself such,
So listen...
Do I have a story for you.
It was a dark and stormy night;
The wind howled destruction
Coming across...
grace Apr 2014
i want to come visit you
when the weather gets warm,
when the garden is green.
i want you to come see me
when you're not busy.
i don't want to interrupt
but i can't be alone
when i am overgrown.
i know i'm sometimes verbose
and ugly and clingy and mean
but maybe you can see past that
and we can whisper in the back
of a car, or dance behind a screen
and bathe in the summer sun.

i just want you to know that i'm
always going to be here.
i won't do what i've wanted
so that i don't hurt you.
i will not desert you.
cause i don't want to go that much.
i don't want to miss your touch.

i know my past has been hard
and i haven't always been glad
a lot of my time has been spent
being sad.
but i'm getting better every day.

so i'll let you come visit me
when the weather gets warm,
when the garden gets green.
and i'll be waiting
because i can wait
as long as it takes.

i'm getting better every day.
Natalie Clark Mar 2014
Things that have been mutually frequented -
CDs, mugs, kisses,
(memories) -
are but fragile leaves
waiting to be blown away
on the winds of time;
until one day
inchoate tears
will find us there,
on the kitchen floor at 2 am,
saying wordlessly:
"I wish I'd never met him.
I wish I'd never met him."

— The End —