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Alifah Ilyana Jan 2017
What a revelation,
slowly understanding you, that is.
Your humility and silence were a thousand words unspoken and unwritten.
I could only imagine the unspoken love you harbour for the unspoken girl.

Such envy I feel, yet,
I shan’t do anything about this envy.
Not this time.
Not ever again.
But wait,
I never did.

I say that now,
But maybe,
one day, when we’re older,
and wiser.
I’ll take the chance and ask again.
Break the ice, and melt away the strain.

But here I am,
already attracted to another smile.
A little I wrote in the middle of my first semester, I'm in my second.
sktdck Dec 2015
You know you’re the only one-
The love of my life, the one I care about,
The one my heart belongs to.
So why are you fixated on my past?
Those relationships mean nothing to me.
Those were a long time ago-
Before we found each other,
Before I knew what true love was.

You don’t like that I keep my old poems,
Those that were written to celebrate old romances,
Or to mourn past breakups and heartaches.
But I keep them because I like compiling them,
Because they’re my creative work,
Because poetry is my emotional outlet.
Not because I harbor any feelings for my exes.
That’s just ridiculous.
Their names don’t ignite any emotions or memories.
So love, please cast aside your insecurities
Because you’re the only one in my heart-
The one I belong to, the one I belong with.
Chloe M Teng Aug 2015
The poplar tree blooms no more,
The magpie sings no new songs,
Yet I cling onto the restless years,
When you, my dear, were still here.

Remember the wind that took your hat,
And a gentleman I was retrieving it back?
Our eyes destined for the first time,
& now I long so for that beautiful eyes.

Merry it was our days in your kitchen!
Pots and pans we sang & dance!
Our feet tangled not on the carpet of red,
Our hands twine like a morning glory on a fence.

Such days are but a memory,
As I live to sit on the chair alone,
Remember not the day of  judgement,
For my heart aches and sores for you.

My dear, how long should I wait,
Wait for another meeting of our fate,
The piano has no fingers to await,
For the only fingers to await was you.

Winter comes soundlessly still,
As your hands appeared in mine.
I smiled and forklift my cane,
& now the chair is left alone.

*"Olivia, is that you?"
brandon nagley May 2015
Early rise divisions, bell already plummets the human brain. Lights so bright, no more godly insight, the backs whipped!still stuck on the train...
Ready to leave all possessions behind, wanting to go forward!!!
How designed are ridiculers when its thy grabbed goods they follow? Alls relentless, childish feuders start wars as mice like creatures scurry the shallow!
Gone, gone, gone out of this sacrificial mindless hope!!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
In dark
And in light
In day
And in night

Through a cry
Through a laugh
Through a window on a desk

In a blessing of disguise
Through hideous moan
Of the most tearful cry

In the rain of heavens sky

Through a pupil of a queens diamond like eyes

We all have feelings
We all feeleth pain
Through the sewage pipe
Of the bludgeoned insane

In a coffin
In a grave
Through a mother or father
Of the most pitiful pain

To a lost child
In another country
A brother or sister
Feeding family so much,

Feeding the hungry

Through thy dreams
In thy death
Beyond the hurt
And through the blessed

In the stripes of a slave
In an escapee in a cave

Through someone so lonely
Lonely like me

Mostly through the loss
The blind
And those who canst now see

Beauty now shines through a frown
Only to make all kings and Queen's

So next time

When thou openeth thy eyes
Take a look at the beauty
That lies in between

Between thou and me
Every god created sea
Every earth quake
And Hollywood's lost dreams

Make everything love
Not make believe

Old poetry from about 3 years ago lol enjoy ():
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
Oh, I was swallowed by your kindness
And the way it used to feel
In the sanctum of your eyes it seemed my aching wounds could heal
But it's gone cold and lucid now,
And you've found someone else.
And though I try to block you out
I'm chained to you in this hell

And I wish I could just ignore
The pale glow of your ghost in the distance
The lingering warmth of your absent touch
The cruel invasion of unwanted memories
My tired eyes have rusted shut

I wished you all the best
And I guess that wish came true
But you've left me empty hearted
Broken and confused

When I see you now,
Your face is unfamiliar
When I hear your voice,
I wonder who you are
Is it because of how I so lovingly enshrined you?
Or have you become someone else?

And I wish I could just ignore
The pale glow of your ghost in the distance
The lingering warmth of your absent touch
The cruel invasion of unwanted memories
And the way my tired eyes are rusted shut

Oh well, I wished you all the best
And I guess that wish came true
But you've left me empty hearted
Broken and confused

I ******* wished you all the best
And it seems that wish was granted
But you've left me with an empty heart
Shattered and dismantled
This poem makes me laugh now! It's been so long since I've felt this way about the subject it always catches me off guard when I read it. It fits the theme of stuff I've been posting today though (ie, bitter and miserable), so I figured 'why not?'
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
She drank too much but I didn't give a ****
I had a raging hardon that needed expert attention
And she worshipped my ****
But said it was too much
Yet... couldn't seem to get enough
She had a 4 year old who she despised
Cuz her face was a constant reminder
of an old mistake
She said she hated condoms
That she didn't need them
I was so ******* stupid
That I knocked her up
She was so ******* crazy
I think she may have hated me
She got an abortion
It was a good decision
Otherwise I'd still be with her
And we would hate each other
Raising a child who would rather
Never have been born.
A little raw poetry about an ex.
Jesse J Gray Jun 2014
Stress Is all I think about
The Hard times and the good times
Never last
Its in the past
Loosing control
Don't be a fool
Your just using me
Just like a tool
Feeling Blessed
I have no idea what went wrong
I loved you for so long
But my heart isnt here
I promised I'll always be there
Don't fear this feeling
I call love
God gave you that feeling from above
Letting my mind wander for hours
Waiting for you to bring me that one single flower
Don't tell me whats wrong and Right
I'm not going to stop without that fight
Fighting,punching and staying strong
with all my might
Voices telling me to obey
I don't care what they say
I was young when i wrote this. I was going through a lot and was really depressed and couldn't be myself because of my religion so I wrote a book full of dark sad and depressing poems.

— The End —