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Phoenix Bekkedal Apr 2017
I never got to thank you
Mister electronic pencil sharpener
I never got to thank you
Mister mechanical pencil
I never got to thank you
Mister dull pencil, because your eraser still works
And mister pencil without an eraser, because you’re still sharp
This doesn't really fit the prompt but...
Michael Apr 2017
When I left you
There was nothing left
For me to give

A slap on the ***
Feet firm on the ground
And that's all I had

No moon over Manhattan
No Bambi eyes on the prize
Just two hands, two feet

Ten fingers, ten toes

You'd think I'd at least
Have wrapped you
Bandana blue

Tied you to a post
And slung you over shoulder
See saw of gravitas

Instead I had empty pockets
Hole sewn into the hem
So that when money went in

It just fell out again

I think you're better off
Busking on the street
Earning pennies for thoughts

People will take pity
A gift that's more than
What I was given

But then again
What do I really know
I left my dignity behind

So long ago
shåi Apr 2017
love falls
as fast as
bread crumbs
quickly escaping
a dinner table

love quickly
ends as soon
as it begins
they end with
an inaudible thud

as our hearts break as
it hits the unforgiving pavement

i guess it can be seen
as some sort
of experiment
that is left uncontrolled
foreign & unknown

it seeps
through our veins
it invades our organs
eats our souls

destroys our bodies

it is our silent killer
destroying us by
making us feel whole
happy easter everyone!!
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
You know what hurts
That we ignore all the wrong things
Nothing is real until It effects us personally
Society is so messed up
But why complain
What will it change?
In a way we're all the same
They try to separate us
You wanna be different sure
But you aren't
Every feeling you have has already been felt
All the rotten tragedies and the historical comedies have been acted out
You know what hurts
How everyone I know
Doesn't know me
Guess staying in a shell has some consequences
But when you're outgoing you are desperate
How do you win
What is the point of all of this
Who will stay strong and who will give in
You know what hurts
How lonely people feel like they only exist when somebody else needs something and the one person who wasn't trying to use them gets pushed away
You know what hurts
How we will chase somebody who doesn't love us back ignoring the person who will treat us way better
You know what hurts
Experiences with desire
Also strife
Cold nights
Warm days
Sweet Champagne
Sour grapes
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Nylee Apr 2017
No matter how far the sun is
He's always trying to get to us
Spread its light
trying to make the world bright
Scarlet Niamh Apr 2017
Where dawn meets the sea she lies, broken,
her laugh echoing the moon
and pouring with salt
across the morning waves.
~~ Her laugh is too beautiful to ignore. ~~
Jack Jenkins Apr 2017
True love:
Loving perfectly
an imperfect person

True love:
Giving everything
For only one

True love:
I love you
I love you too...
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
It seems like a new point
For the human race
With the first political protest
In outer space
Nylee Apr 2017
At night , the pillows give me comfort
I twist , hold , turn , throw and kick it
while I'm asleep , while I'm in dream
but every night , they're back in position
To give me comfort , while I'm asleep
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