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MAD Dec 2015
I think it's really sad
How a simple sweater
Could show me more emotion
Than you ever did.

An inanimate object. . . .
You might as well tell me
That I'm not good enough for you.
You already do a great job showing me.

I struggle to make you happy.
I get out of my own comfort zone for you.
And your response was no more than a couple words.
A couple words..
And NONE of these WORDS  ever expressed ANY appreciation.
doesn't even seem like you cared about how I felt...

I poured my feelings onto paper for you.
I really really tried to help you understand me.
I only stopped when you did.

One moment, we're  both happy, and I'd be smiling.
I actually tried, too.
I did...
Next thing I know, I'm walking home in the cold
With a sweater that isn't mine
keeping me company.

I shiver as the harsh cold wind blows.
I seem to lose the fight between the tears I tried to hold back.
They freeze halfway down my face.
This sweater .. helps me.
It wipes my tears away.
It hugs me, gently caressing my face.

It gives me a sense of warmth and comfort.
But... it isn't mine
My cold face is embraced with warmth.
As I walk, the tears begin to flow again.
I stop for a moment, trying to recollect air that seems so utterly impossible to accomplish at the moment.

The sweater silences my soft sobs.
This sweater.. cares about me.
It shows me that it cares. . .

Now, I wonder why it's so hard for you to do the same.
If I can receive it from a sweater, why can't I receive it from the warmth of flesh and blood?

The sweater is gone now.
And so are **you.
Another bad breakup.
You gotta admit that those are always something to write about.
MAD Dec 2015
Thankyou. For everything. The goood times. The laughs.

And thanks again.

For all the pain.
For all the torture.
For all the nights I've cried, hoping you'd come back.
For all the false hope.
For all the lies.
For the things you did that made me want you more.
For reassuring me to the point where I actually believed you wouldn't do this to me.
I believed in us, more than you did.
I.....b e l i e v e d.

So, thanks again. For everything you put me through.
It's okay, though.
Through all my pain and suffering
I will always care about **you.
Something in mind.
Becky Littmann May 2014
Unappreciated, taken for granted, unwanted & thrown away
Disappointed & blindsided by lies
& unnecessary verbal abuses
Broken, badly bruised & forever scarred
Meaningless words were all you'd ever say

Have it your way, peace out with my deuces
For you, the decision wasn't even hard
But giving up on love forever, not even an option
I know my love is still wanted the feeling, once found again, is quite amazing
I'll be able to tell this time if it's real
There's no doubt at all
We'll skip right over an introduction
This is so memorable you can bet in my notebook it'll be jotted
I've finally caught what I've been chasing
& he's the one worth letting pass my built up wall

— The End —