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All of a sudden.
I don't feel love for you anymore.
I don't like you anymore.

I don't dislike you.
I don't even feel hate towards you.

I don't feel anything at all.
You became nothing to me.
If your looking for me
There’s an empty box
At your front door
That used to hold the key to my heart
I left the box for you
The same way you left me...
Please don’t make me feel a way
Because in my mind
That maze that you’ve constructed
In time.. will be the hardest thing
You’ll ever attempt to make it through
I know....
I’ve been running through your mind
More now than ever
But can I stop now?
Because I’m tired of doing mental exercises
#mind #stop #running
I wanna love you
Like the full moons reflection
Loves to ride
The reckless waves to shore....
#waves #moon #love
I don’t know what happy
is anymore
I can’t feel it in my
life is now about evening up
the score
which means
can’t live inside me
You are not the love of my life,
You are the life of my love ❤️
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