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Yule Feb 2019
I believe we once met
in a faraway land,
on a different epoch,
and only your name resounds
recalling us back to this time
'I recognized your soul at first glance'
Oh hear the sound of the wind
the echoes are the only ones
that transcribe the beats of our hearts
retracing us back to epiphany
that we were once in love
in a different place in time
'we are etched into each other's entity'

— I miss you each and everyday
190205; 12:54 AM

Yule Nov 2018
Should I give up
on a chance that cannot be
To our story
that never even began
Am I just being petty?
We have not even started yet
Did I just leave the pages unset?
It’s just starting to unfold
Or have I really loss it? I believe
We haven't even given a chance
To our story that only has a page
180920; 6:34 PM
Yule Nov 2018
What kind of music does he like
I would like to know
By the hopes I'll get a glimpse
Of his soul

— I wrote this at the back of my wrist
180830; 8:30 PM
Yule Nov 2018
Even as I want to take a step further, closer to your lane
I am still asking myself to restrain
For I am afraid of what you might think of me
Once you look my way

— Leap of faith
180918; 5:** AM
Yule Nov 2018
I find myself yearning
for your sunlight
instead of shade
I want to be the reason
of your blossoming days
For your smiles to curve
to gleeful laughs
For your eyes to form
thin as petals
Like the wind blowing near
your voice's music to my ears
You fill my lips
with flowery words to say
Like any other end of summer
I feel myself a bit warmer
As I find myself like the leaves
I fall for you more each day
180904; 11:32 PM
Yule Nov 2018
The sun has already set
but you seem to shine
as usual with your yellow sweater
Though your gaze serious and halt
my heart did the opposite
the moment your eyes laid on mine
Yule Nov 2018
I wanted to venture the depths of you
in the lows of the ocean blue
But at least you let my heart leap
when our eyes brushed for a millisecond

— our eyes met
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