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Matt Overbey Apr 2015
Lay down, close your eyes, dont make a peep, count sheep until you fall asleep. But what if you don't? You toss and turn left and right and get up with the same thoughts you lay with. Wondering why do I think of the most random things, the most frightening things when all day they don't cross paths?

Could all the souls of the sleepless feel the burdens of one another?
Could the stirs we have in our beds be the thoughts of one who thinks as me? Thoughts that go in flight into the night and descend into the mind of one who can relate the most?

And when the lids get heavy and the tossing and turning ceases, could these nightowl's company be what makes us peaceful?
Sue Violetta  Apr 2015
Sue Violetta Apr 2015
Lunar eclipse
The blood moon nearing totality
Allowing stars to shine
Statues without  time
The sweet taste of wine

I'm here.
Am I ?
I don't see the walls  or the doors
I see you,
My two nightowls
Walking  through  the night
Talking, laughing
Standing quiet
A fire in your eyes
watching the city lights.

And the time stands still
The bridge to the end
to which I'm near
You both just starting
So young and full of life
Give me your hands !
Let us fly
Above the city lights
Over the river and glassy spires
The rhythm of your hearts
Happy and sad
They complement.

And the time is still
My old soul remembering  my youth
Happy and sad
Rejecting the truth
Living now
Young again
You have so much to give
Open your wings in a full flight
For mine are now clipped.

And yes, I'm here
Forever remembering the city spires
The music
The laughter  and fire in your eyes
The bridge to the end
Happy and sad
my soul
Without fear.
For Noelle and Sasha

— The End —