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Adyasha Mishra Sep 2016
Every nerve of my body, yearns for you.
Every fibre of my being, screaming out for your touch.
Every word that escapes my lips, a plea, to make you stay.
Every last shred of dignity in me, wasted, in attempts to make you glance back.

But nothing could compel you, to be  by my side,
for you had made up your mind.

And I should've known,
You were a storm, could not be tamed
a Free bird, could not be caged.

Now, i'm in despair , all my efforts gone in vain.
All of me, lost somewhere.
my cup overflows Jul 2015
the time line crosses the center of my country
the time in my country runs slow
my country is the first news paper everyday
is the first to say morning  today
is the first to say hello to the sun each day

my country is a country laid back
its people colorful like rays of sun
my country is a nation under the sun
just messing around with words
my cup overflows Jul 2015
the earth rotates
in orbit
flying comets
follow route
okay ...i know this does not rhythm ....but what the hay !! :p
my cup overflows Jul 2015
creepy moss that hide in dark spots
on creaked roads and river ponds
slimy green and even brick red
they are the first terrestrials ...or so , Ive read

the stages in which a fish walks on land
or  how earthquakes move continents
and how movements cause formation of land
that millions of cells died regenerated to birth new plan

that stars died for earth to be reborn ..
that there is no right or wrong
that i have no such a purpose but to exist
that life is an empty and a meaningless abbis

that the rays of the sun so colorfully stream  
are shooting down at precision speed
that the rotation and direction of our earth spins
in nothing but chances them we live

although facts upon facts , they reach
never coming to conclusions , they teach ....

how can we just be
an anomaly of evolution and astrophysics
how can we be
so complex ...feel ?(thoughts , emotions , ideas ?..)
or is it just chemicals that control our
actions and the turning of the wheels ?
i just had questions
my cup overflows Jul 2015
don't spend time talking about insane nonsense
that have no worth , like unsalted salt
that hold  no use but  to be trampled on and lost  
  mouths speak sentences...
....stop think , collaborate thoughts
speak words of gold that cannot be bought
speak life to those who seem dim and distraught
use words to build someone up when others may not

speak less , don't loss your head
don't give in to insane mumble
for they only profit negativity
and just not good for you piece of mind and clarity  
treat words like swords or beautiful dances
or like skillfully woven fabric or sweet romances

resurrect the words that live in old scrolls
that collect dust , oh words of gold
and wrap them on your finger for memories collecting
keep them close to your heart forever perfecting
free styled this one :p ... still working on it though ...
my cup overflows Jul 2015
the ***** , the ugly
the appalling rot
that maggots hide deep
within the deep dark spots

the dark, the wet
the creepy earth
the hideous fungi  
in waste , in foul air in  ....damp cold
places where worms live
and icy fingers grip hold
where dark demons possess
your very soul

the slimy excretions of toads
with mucus generously
on tiny tip feet walks
toads in curious stare
ewwww!!! aahahahahha ..... i hope no one vomits,
my cup overflows Jul 2015
when i was young
i thought i was ugly
i thought i was nothing
everyday was a shady grey
breathing in hopelessness
forever utterly dismayed ...

everyone loathed me
or so it seem
my family couldn't bear look
at me
i.. the lonely she

till i met HIM
and my whole life changed
LOVE is his name
for it was because of love you came
well this not really ready ...but what the hey !!!..... ahahahahaha
my cup overflows Jul 2015
water sparkled
clear like glass
water travelled to heal
the broken downcast
water flowing from head
down to toes
water beautiful
to everyone who beholds
making things up as i go
my cup overflows Jul 2015
a day in your courts is better than a thousand years outside , i would rather be a door keeper in the house of my lord , than dwell in the tents of the wicked .
my cup overflows Jul 2015
the silent tress hold memories
of winters sweet melodies

search high and low
and in every fox hole
where oh where.. can she be?..

oh feet that quickly flee
who then holds your stories
or keeps you... in times keep

but the trees and stones
that stay beside roads
you gave a glance to safely keep
but in every time
of past and new
they pass by you
without speaking speak
beginning , end ...old and new
oh what stories you doth keep
a walk in the afternoon
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