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  Mar 13 Kurt Carman
One person healing the world is far-fetched
But one person can heal another's world
Less healing will be required
If we don't cause pain to one another in the first place
Prevention is sure better than cure!
Kurt Carman Mar 12
I am here,
my Eyes are closed.
Only You and the paradise island your on can see me

Then Aries appears & shows me the way,
Hallways, familiar faces greet me,
My soul and body are renewed.

It's when I see you Mom,
My April 12 Birthday girl,
Victorian tea cups and saucers....

Come back, please come back,
I miss you like a mothers love
A bond that lives forever.

I'll never get over losing you.

Waiting to reunite with you...and I know... because the day which we fear the most....
Is but the Birthday of our eternity.
I think of you each and every won't be long now.
Kurt Carman Dec 2018
It’s always this time of year that fills me with so much emotion,
A calloused fear that underserved children will suffer an abomination
And be left with nothing to open on Christmas morn.

It really doesn’t take much effort to put a smile on a childs face.
A toy, wrapping paper, some ribbon, a bow and an embrace.
It’s all up to you to conceive the dream and put it in place.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill
Kurt Carman Dec 2018
Falling into a dream swept sleep,
I'm guided by two spirit forms,
Drifting through seraphic white rooms
That take my breath away.
Its in this space....well, I just feel at home.

"Taking you to see someone special", they tell me.
Our innerstanding guided us to this endless space.
Spit fire stars and hissing comments shown the way
And when Sagittarius kissed the twins,
The music began to play.

There you were, peaking around a comet.
That  amazing smile that always defined you as special.
We danced your hand in mine, spinning without authority...
I told you how great it was to see you again.
You kissed my cheek and we embraced for an eternity.
Maybe it was the wine I drank last evening or maybe this was your way of telling me your watching me. Either way, it was certainly a sweet reunion in the form of a gift. I love and miss you Mother!
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