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Eva B Sep 2020
Today I can call you and say
come over

Today I am delicate but you know
what I need
you to forgive me
this distance

Either this or forgive me
a kiss
Eva B Aug 2020
Let me tell you of the marks
left and hours
spent pressing

against its bars
  Aug 2020 Eva B
Kafka Joint
Bursting into tears
Is a favourite nightmare
Of pancakes.
Eva B Aug 2020
It hurts to discover she is not in the wind
as much as I felt her in the sound of thrashing palms.
Eva B Aug 2020
Our hands rest lightly on each other and we both sense a meaning that can’t be articulated. Only conveyed. Something like: the way my fingers rest delicate on your side means I adore you. You are precious. I might break you but for now: this lightness.
Eva B Aug 2020
I tell your cats how much I love you when you are not around
Why didn’t I kiss you when you showed me your neck?
What of chaos dreams from broken slumber beside you?

I dreamt I asked why and I explained how
I fear losing you to a desire I can’t quench
no matter how many ways I trap the oxygen out
no matter the frost I introduce
it burns dynamic

You are a moisture that burrows into my pores
I cannot separate you from my heart

I dreamt I ran around your apartment exasperated
looking for this notebook
rather than finding it blank it was full of your drawings
so full in fact that I feared there would be no page left for me to explain my love
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