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Claire Dec 2014
The rains pour on our drought infested land.
The lights twinkle and shimmer with joy.
Seeing the reflection in your partners eyes,
Gives my body chills of happiness.
Soon families will be together,
Soon cookies will be baked,
Even though this holiday may be hard for select few,
Just know this Christmas I'm so proud of you.
Stay strong and spread love not hate.
Claire Nov 2014
As the mornings sun reaches my window.
I will embrace you.
Your skin burns like fire,
When touched with mine.
I could stay forever in this instant.
Claire Nov 2014
I write about you every chance i get.
You don't write about me,
Not once.
I'm a little depressed.
Claire Nov 2014
That taste on your tongue
The smell in the air
The hair sticking up on your neck
The feeling of guilt you get texting her
The secret messages
The phone calls
The blade glides
The red river greets the tile again.
Your hold over me is deadly
The lipstick stains his collar
Her lips shine with chapstick
Under the rainy gray sky he departs
To meet the girl with the lipstick.
Don't be the lipstick girl.
Claire Nov 2014
I look to the future and all i see is darkness.
There is no hope for the future.
I feel sorry for my future children.
Claire Nov 2014
Bullets of tears stream down my cheeks like bombs being dropped from planes above.
Eyes red as roses blooming in spring.
Falling apart I only want you.
Annoying as i am I try to stay away.
Knowing how ugly and vulnerable my tears make me.
He huffs and puffs his angry tone through the house.
My heart breaks with every slam and murmur he makes.
Nothing I do is right.
Nothing i say is okay.
Feeling alone in a world crumbling around me.
My only hope is to see a light shine upon me when my darkest hour is near.
I hope he sees me.
I hope he reaches for me.
As annoying as I may be.
I still love you.
I will always love you.
Claire Nov 2014
I want you to be able to tell me your inner thoughts and deepest feelings.
But now i realize you might have already given that away...
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