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Taiwo Olufemi May 2018
I checked my time
It was around nine in the night
I look up at the sky
You should ask me why
Something seems strange
It is not a mirage
The Stars are shining full
The Moon is quarter full
The Sky looks beautiful
This does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

I stood up from my seat
Just to wonder around
Green grass beneath my feet
This shows good soil abound
I sighted the fireflies flaunting their light
I heard the toads croaking with their might
I saw some flies flying away with fright
I noticed the gentle breeze of the night
I felt alive
This sensation does not happen everyday
It was on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things were looking moderately bright

Something again occur
Nature was showing her Jamboree
When I saw it I concur
I could't help but to agree
A meteorite stylishly slowly decidedly descend
Contemporaneously with an aeroplane cruising westward
Its sound as if it's a firework
Its flashlight merging with the satellites and the starlight
Sizzling the sky with spree of synchronized light
This illumination does not happen everyday
It is on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And things are looking moderately bright

Here I am still wondering about
Free I am real round about
This World is not always a beautiful place
Round the years? Round the months? Round the days?
Across all the continents through the Asia
What makes today so special?
I believe the Heavens are smiling on me
Even Earth agrees to it
Cruel creatures couldn't conflict
Nurtured Nature nicely nods to it
All these are on the eighth of May
Around nine in the night
And my star is realistically ready to shine its light
Taiwo Olufemi May 2018
Slow and steady
The pace at which my heart delineates
Glow and gliding
Yet, the result it generates
Flow and floody
The rate at which the world emancipates
Blows and ******
Yet with this, greatness and progress are always enunciate
But, is it the result that is really ******?
I think it's still the heart of men
The end will justify the means
The result will reflect the reasons
I won't mind the pace at which I think
I'll only be careful about the result it will bring
But as I analyse and appraise with my mind
I'll be mindful of the time
Time is money they say
Thought is honey I say
So far it yield a desirable and reasonable conclusion

A rolling stone gather no moss
A deep thought gives its result a gloss
Especially if with it you are engross
Pace though is an added advantage
The race should be won without a bandage
Taiwo Olufemi May 2018
Scary, yet amazing
The mystery about this life
Deadly, yet we are living
Daily we are reborn into this life
What remain of yesterday are memories
Today is yet an opportunity to create tomorrow's memories

Whether we'll see tomorrow or not
The truth of the matter is that
Today, we are going to die
Tomorrow, we may be born again

If you doubt this
Ask your inner self
Why he feels that sensation
When he wakes up from the long night sleep
When he wince to stretch his hands and feet
When he savor his face with the morning breeze
When he look out at the far horizon
Even at the sight of the rising sun

At the first instance he knows nothing
Within the first fragment of seconds or minutes
The smile he wears on his face
or the Frank he bears on his face
His general countenance
Are all by-product of his dream

Then come yesterday's memories
Wallowing with worries
In a friendship way
Or in a hardship way

If we are not dead yesterday
We might still be able to go back
And correct all our mistakes
But what remain of yesterday are memories
Today is another opportunity
To refurbish our acts that were floppy

The scary thing is that we will die today
The amazing thing is yet, our memories will live on
This is how it's going to be till we are not going to be reborn
When our memories will edge past us
And no We to worry on the memories
Except those people we left behind

This leaves us with one logic thing
Since today is the only assured day of being a being
While hope of being reborn tomorrow holds uncertainty
Let's work out today a wonderful memories
Even if we'll not be reborn tomorrow to worry
Tomorrow will be lived by our wonderful memories
And on the sand of time
We will write our wonderful name
Taiwo Olufemi Apr 2018
Show it to me I plead
Reciprocate is all I need
My Heart is as soft as silk
My Love is as true as truth
In adversity, it may tilt
But I assure you, it will never break
Even if it requires making a tryst
At the expense of the most fiddly feast
That's mine to me
What about yours to you
Your Love will make mine stronger
Your Heart will make mine softer
My Love alone is not enough
Your Love to me is all I want
Show it to me I plead
Reciprocate is all I need
Taiwo Olufemi Apr 2018
I woke up this morning with my nose to breathe
The first aura I perceived was your perfume
I woke up this morning to open my eyes to see
The first image I sighted was your being
I woke up this morning as my ears are active
The first vocal I heard was your voice
As my brain did the connectivity
Your birthday was brought to my memory
And I opened my mouth Silently
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ……(fill in the name of the recipient)
But it’s not enough
My feet has to walk up to a chair
My hand has to pen a paper
So that my mind can express proper
How much you are celebrated
A birthday, a Happy day
A birthday, a Fun day
A birthday, a Blessing day
For men to honour you in a heroic way
For God to bless you in a special way
For me to attest to your wonder way
And wish you to age with grace
Happy birthday once again
I wish you long life without a pain

— The End —