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Apr 2017
Within the fog, a light flickering
And when it caught his eyes
The voices in his head ceased the bickering
Silence filled the scene
Reality stopped being obscene
He ran towards it, blind as a bat
No longer did he wallow where he sat
A light, the thrill, so bright, a chill
Brighter and brighter it got
What a beautiful shot ...
Mesmerizing and terryfing as looking down the edge of a big hill
He was helped by a long gone friend ... Will
Will to run, will to go into the unknown, will to go to the shimmer
With fantasies it would make life have no dimmer
Always bright, forever full ... Oh, how beautiful
He ran and ran and ran
And finally arrived at the lights source
That would forever change his life's course
It was a shinning nymph of the name of Passion
She greeted him in such a caring fashion
She was something so new, but already he knew
Home had been found, they'd forever be bound
Numbness was no longer his concubine
Passion will now his soul define
Joel Costa Arruda
Written by
Joel Costa Arruda
   Tony Luna
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