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Jasmine Skye Jan 2018
How did I get here?
What have I become?
Should I be excited for all that I’ve seen?
Should I take this as a hit beneath the seams?
Or is this a blessing in disguise?
Will I live a hundred years hidden behind the walls? If I just jump would you catch my fall?
Tragedy strikes when I’m sky high, while clouds of judgement pass me by.  Should I plead the fifth in the elements that show, 3 side of an angle that only the 4th dimension knows?
Jasmine Skye Jan 2018
I am torn between two colors:
Black and white, rainbows and darkness.
One beautiful, the other grounding
One a figment of my imagination one real (and tangible). To be able to see past the imaginative sight of beauty and go blind to your touch what senses do I have?
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
Obsession takes hold of my mind
Never know what you'll find
If you would be so kind
Make sure to leave it behind
Nobody wants to live in chains
But just being free what will I gain?
Never walk this road alone
Promise me you will always stay
I give myself away
Or whatever is left of me
Don't want to go
back to that cold place
But what I would do for one last taste
Just one more time I'll always chase
Will I ever be whole again?
I'm not much good to anyone since
That first time I felt the drug hit
The best choice now is probably to
Make it end
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
Your love runs through my veins,
For you I'm feening.
Your the only one
that I'm breathing for.
Your eyes pierce through my soul
I would go to hell and back for you
This is us
We could be
You and me
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
I can't fix my thinking
With my own thinking.
I judge myself
based on what I'm doing.
When I behave differently...
My beliefs were irrational
and I cant judge myself accordingly.
What would I look like to someone just basing me off my actions?
To give someone an opportunity
Frees me not them
Language is the link
to everything I need
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
How does one find
what is lost....
Without losing
What one has found...
I live so loud
That I don't speak
I can feel the words
The future seems bleak
Jasmine Skye Apr 2016
Meta cognition
is what's in my heart, why
did you promise till death do us part?
Play the tape through
I'll keep the possibility
in my back pocket
Behind the black line is where I stand
Outside the context is where I am lost

— The End —