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Softie Apr 2018
Lost and found
An empty body
A foreign box
Three Items

Smiles and laughter in a jar
“You need to please them”
Without smiles
They don’t waver
Without laughter
They don’t fall
I can’t make a sound

A gold heart wrapped in bubble wrap
“You need to show them”
Sincere kindness
So hard to find
“Are you okay”
I’m sick of it

A pool of tears on loose
“Those are happy tears”
The sky has the freedom
To let it all out
But why can’t I

The empty body
“Change it”
Smiles and laughter
The body was empty without a soul, thus the laughter. The smiles are kept in a jar because you lose them so easily.
Gold heart
People nowadays are so inconsiderate and ruthless towards plants, animals and even their own species, therefore the gold heart. Wrapped in bubble wrap as it breaks so easily.
Pool of tears
Sometimes letting it out makes everything better. On loose because it always comes by and it doesn’t need to be carefully stored due to the continuous supply of tears.
The last line of each stands forms a quote: I can’t make a sound. I’m sick of it. But why can’t I change it?

— The End —