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Tiana Jun 28
When all the lights get dimmed
And People are barely seen
When only their shadows remain
In this lingering darkness
hindering the paths as phoney ghosts;

When the moon gets shy
And sparkle of the stars get hidden
among fake lights;

Never-ending hopes start to sink
deep inside the heart,
When you get lost in this maze of
worldly abstract;
random thought
Tiana Jun 27
It all started with humans,
Who were unaware,
And ignored those who asked them
to be beware;

And now,
There's nothing left except regrets!
Words will not be enough to describe this regret!

When you realize,
You could've prevented it,
When you cry to the oblivion,
"Just one chance please! I'll fix everything!"

But that chance you never get,
And nothing you could find to console yourself is left!
Except pains and regrets!
A glimpse of regret
Tiana Jun 24
Seen enough
Stumbled enough
Tolerated enough
But still can't get enough
the way this world works
Random thoughts
Tiana May 21
I remember how I led your way
into my life,
Allowing you to make me blind;

I regretted but I also repeated
again and again,

Like a cyclic process,
You became a part of my life,
With trifling causes;

You made me hope
for a light
to save myself;

And while waiting,
I realized that the light I'm hoping for
is deep inside me;

Buried, forgotten and it was so long
That I thought it was rotten
Just like you;
Random thoughts....
Tiana May 1
Looking for that thrilling chase,
Where knowledge is armour
And passion is sword,
Where bravery is known as 'explore'
when adventurous spirit runs through your veins
You’re sad but there’s no reason to be sad
Heart is throbbing
But you can’t tell nobody
As you have no reason to feel these things
Make others laugh
In hopes you’ll get that in return
Heart continues to ache
Why can’t y’all tell I’m hurting for reals
Tiana Apr 17
I still remember that cruel summer
How your ocean eyes distracted me day and night,
Knowing you were so close
yet still not mine;
When you were so close yet so far
Tiana Apr 11
But now I see
After the destructions hit me
That I was too carefree
That jinxed my own glee;
Study and me
Tiana Mar 19
What happened to those
beautiful days?

Even though I know the answer
but my heart keeps denying
that painful phase;
When the heart doesn't understand
Tiana Mar 14
Everyone was there
But she was lost and alone,
In the realm of her own
she was yet to be known;
When you're yet to know yourself
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