Baby Girl Jul 22

you are my church,
you are my kingdom hall,
you are my place of worship.
i pray that we stay together,
on every bead that is on this elastic.
you're like my incense and my candle light --
smiling lightens up this room,
adding a never before smelled aroma.
my god, you've got me daisy eyed,
and by god you are the holiest thing i've ever seen --
divinity in its purest form.

youve got me melting like an ice cream.
Baby Girl Jul 22

he presses his forehead against mine,
lips barely touching, noses poking.
he has me starry-eyed and he calls me sunshine
and touches me like a violet touching a morning glory.
when the two mix you get a splendor of lust and love.
my september third born, morning glory smelling,
sapphire looking, roasted beet tasting, sweet touching,
virgo honey loving man.

making love to you, is all i want to do, my daisy-eyed man.
Baby Girl Jul 22

i just gotta put this out there,
don't wanna put myself out there:
and you are so distant, there's a six foot ruler between us,
and to you that far is too close
and close isn't close enough to me.
and i was lonely until i met you
and you let me in after all the persuasion --
i don't wanna be a loner,
i don't wanna be alone.
close this space, this distance, this difference.

Baby Girl Jul 21

i hate reading
things about moving on
and break ups.
it makes me think
of how we could end
and i don't want us to end --
i want us to see forever.
with love, trust,
faith, and communication
forever is attainable.
i'm sure of it.

but with love, trust, faith, and communication -- i don't  want us to end
Baby Girl Jul 21

i leave him daisy-eyed,
with foreskin tingling,
mouth wide open,
and brows ascending.

i leave him starry-eyed
Baby Girl Jul 20

this is my greatest war:
him, me, God.
he is my Kingdom Hall, he is my place of worship;
he is worldly, he is a Master I slave for.
he is the one I confide and trust in,
he is the way I attack and push away.
he is the one I use for cuddles and hugs,
he is the one I use to hit and to kick.
he is the one I love so dearly,
he is the one that brings me pain.
but we ran so far away,
so far away where they couldn't see
us anymore, us anymore.

Baby Girl Jul 11

Eyes closed,
it's a bit comforting to see her with her eyes closed.
Looking for God,
with her eyes closed she'll never see Him but she will feel Him.
Feel Him in the deepest depths of her kidneys.
Poetry runs through her veins
and you want to protect this beauty,
with curls swaying softly in the breeze, in the summer breeze,
the cool summer breeze.
You touch her with your tongue, your pretty pink tongue,
and you say she tastes like whipped cream on top,
raisins you are chewing, soda you are sipping.
And then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you believe in a Creator a little bit more.
And you lift her dress up, and you see how she's used and dirty with cute panties.
You clean her up so she is pure and innocent again.
And then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you should've worshiped her sooner.
So you take her to the toy store to let her pick out her favorite dolly, her favorite plushy, her favorite blanky, and a binky too.
Then you take her out for ice cream and you hold her hand while you cross the street,
with your pretty hand. She can’t recall the last time she took help from anyone.
Then you give her a set of rules to follow
so she can be a good little girl, your good little girl.
And she cries at night because her father left her and her mother never loved her and she was touched in a way she shouldn't have been
and she doesn't understand why she feels the way she does
and she doesn't understand why these things had to happen to her
but she knows one thing: that she's in love with you, a beautiful virgin, a beautiful man who has such lovely hands. Strong hands. Impeccable hands.
So you take her to the bathroom to clean her, but she is still sullied
from the bruises and dirt, and you heal her and you love her back
together, and you teach her the right way to love herself.
Then you tell her that you think she's pretty,
so pretty, she's a gem and she makes you believe in angels
and maybe you should've found her sooner.
(Make her beg for it (for your love)
you want to see her crawl.)

she has problems.
Baby Girl Jun 5

i could disappear from life and no one would notice;
i could easily slip and slither away into death's comforting and cradling arms.

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