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Diane K Pak Sep 8
Seeing you tonight in you're suit and tie.
Like I am dying to meet you closer by.

Seeing your visionary smile makes me think for a while.
Hoping to see your soul as it warmths me like a wildfire trying to hide it best that it extends longer than it ever could be for a second chance.

Wishing you're that someone who can see it too.
When I am trying all these butterflies only to be catching them from you.

You're my revelations waiting to happen like I ever felt more alive inside your hazel eyes. Burning by the fireplace tonight.

Without an hourglass to tell us how a place in your heart was worth the fight.

Perfect love as it is.
When all I ever wanted to dream was as real as it could be and as to what was being said for a slight chance of it could really be.

Loving you was my only chance to love you deeper as it is waking up to say goodbyes to these trying times and your eyes and your suit and tie.

Tell me so and I'll change it all.
The dream I ever felt, felt like an inkling that left my skin without a hidden spot.

I guess it was all ever a shot in the dark.
Like it waiting to be someone place and be marked.  

Revelations are my last reason to see you in this season.
If only if we're breathing to see the face of only me dreaming.
Diane K Pak Sep 8
Saying I was you're amen and all I ever was.
But, letting go was a dream worth holding on to.

like I was the one and only dream girl.
like I was the one for who you to marry.
like I was the one who got away.

Supposedly, I was that girl who loves you anyway.

You are unforgettable and irreplaceable, Amen
Forever and ever amen...
#M #T
Diane K Pak Jul 18
You’re my only favorite kind of hero.

Aren’t you Prince Charming?

Even if I was your me amor?

Would you still love like te amo?
Diane K Pak Jul 18
A friend tells me I am once in a lifetime.

A friend tells me I am no one second option.

A friend tells me I am one of a kind.

A friend tells me I am loyal.

A friend tells me I am humble.

But, I tell me to a friend who tells these things because I couldn't remember what it meant to be a once in a lifetime.
Diane K Pak Jul 18
when we say I DO.

feeling rush and no matter what I believe to be true.

it's always finding whether or not to become like I say you do.
Even it just this moment when I neither choose either of you.

just the way you are is perfect than the way you wish upon the stars.

I'll love you or either of you.
If you promise to be the way you are even if it's still true.
#j #s
Diane K Pak Jul 18
jealous over believing me over loving you anyway.

jealous of the pain of seeing you walk away and chooses if he wanted to try to stay.

jealous of the woman who took your heart and washes over with clay.

if only if there's one way like somehow there's a moment like it's today.

seeing you happier and wishes there's was more clay than you sought for that day.

wishing there was a way to find more clay than to see you that way.
Diane K Pak Jul 18
Invisible they walked all over me.

Invisible they couldn't see my face behind you and me.

Invisible as long I wasn't safe. As long I couldn't bear to say the name you heard as it erases.

But, girl you are Invisible as long you wanted to be.

But, girl you are a miracle waiting for people who couldn't be believed.

But, girl you are a walking dream happening to be put on T.V.

Baby girl, I know you don't see.
So watched and let's see who you can be even more of what you thought you could dream.
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