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Diane K Pak Dec 2018
It's get worsen they said with Heartbreak...

Till it aches.
Till it breaks.
Till it fakes.

Until it fixed.
Until it healed.
Until it sealed.

Knowing they also said heartbreak doesn't last for so long, until the Heartbreaks are all gone.
Never Not Forgotten a Love Story
Diane K Pak Dec 2018
Your love is like a waterfall.
It seems that it doesn't belongs here afterall.

Yet, it's a love that changes the world to not fall apart.

Your love is more than what people search for hundred years and has depart, but it has never feared to be near with loved so dearly from such a heart.

It's an absolute grace when it is without any haste.

Please don't you consider to ever be replaced because without you, it'll will be forever be blue.

A doom of no waterfalls afterall.
Love Wins
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
Sight and sound when no one is around.
No one to call and nowhere to be found.
No one will wonder even if it starts to thunder.
If I cried, people might think I’ve already have died.

Yet, I’ve waited and couldn’t see a single eye.

When stress arises, people such as families and even close friends have thought I was just depressed.
If I even ask for a rest, there wasn’t even enough air  in my own chest.
Where was the people I’ve knew, who cared for me because even if it scares me. People knew it’ll feared me if I told them not to stare at me.

The loud sirens may laughed at me.

But, because the screams of those sounds knowing when in sight came with a huge silent freight.
alone & lonely to be feared of disappointments
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
Be still and be at peace, My Love..
Stayed Speechless, Stayed being Tenacious, and Stay the Consistency of truly who you are and above..

As, I walked into this room you’ve given it pixie dusts as if you were leaving with a gentle touch..

When your  gone and we needed to know better looking back and say she’d carries along with her scars and fought enough to get where she belongs and now we genuinely know that she isn’t as far.
speechless girl
Diane K Pak Nov 2018
I guess I gotten caught in this pretty rain, so I can see how much you mean to me.
Washing away to be reminiscing those days of between hey, I can see how much you could be.

Moving and lying and saying that pain can stay when this heart breaks..
It won’t be easy to find those puzzle pieces of oh,I was fine and if so it could’ve been aches.

I needed my sleep back and found myself needing to be awake of confusions.
Because I wanted to not believe as if this is a delusion.

It isn’t easy, because when my heart breaks away, it breaks away…

Now, I have to walk it all away because it isn’t here to say, can I stay..?
last words
Diane K Pak Aug 2018
They said that nightmares are not real.
But, what If I say that wasn’t the actual truth of this unseen ideal.
If I wrote to you stating mine was the act of reliving of the unspoken, but be still.
Words from my lips is now unsealed of this sense of surreal.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of my soul bursting into flames.
Yet, I soon to be known this was the curse of dealing with these games.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of the fear of uncontentment from past days.
Where I thought that the happiest moments were not a part of presence where I could just stayed awake and wouldn’t have to feel this way.

Dreaming once, twice, but three times of discouragement from my families and burdens, yet it felt like it’ll never been okay even if I say it my time to own it my way and take care of my heart always.

Dreaming that felt like once, twice, but three times have feel like my days are over...But, as soon that I am awake. It’s more if I’m okay now?
When I take my bow on that stage of fears, I can now say it life with tears or life with too little cares.

As I wish on those stars, I wish and I wish for the stories that can’t seems to be near or even close to hear because without it here it nothing but mere of a dream that can’t face the where.
Diane K Pak Aug 2018
As he is willing to be my morning blessings.
There's a call for each morning to know  the very morning of a new beginning.

There so much more than time and ease between the knees..
This freely know we're here for our friends who are in need.

He's has Spoken to the existing moment of rising between the tide..
Knowing his reassurance makes me know that now I'm alright..
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