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Diane K Pak Jul 21
I wonder if you would sing to me
and I wonder if you could dance for me like the music moves itself?

I wanted to know what's on your mind still?

I wanted to know what's makes you cry and still be on your mind?

I hope that someday I'll look at you like the first impression has to be my last impression.

I wish someday and granted this day to feel your love just as God loves you.

I hope that someday I'll wait to kiss your vocals and miss you like I have not been gone before.

Never not, believe it so my God can make this happen as his will be our will.

He can do all things, but never not because your smiles moves me to his will..
True wait in the rain with you.
Diane K Pak Jul 5
Now, I've been to the lost and found
hoping you'll see me around.

Do you wonder where I've spend?
Or do you wonder I've been?

Hearing you will make me spin.

I'll remember you when I'll hear your voice again.
a parent's love never ends as it begins.
Diane K Pak Jul 5
As I photograph the way you smiles, laughs, love, and the spirit of how you live.

Nothing feels more alive and fresh with the nature air I breathe in here.

I fell in love with a poet
suddenly I haven't even noticed.
self-love within me.
Diane K Pak Jul 5
For a lack of words you make me feel.
For a lack of better words you make me think.
For better words you make me ponder.

Out of words you make me question.
Out of words you make me feel like I'm dreaming without a care.
Out of words you make me write poems of you with knowing you might not understand or stare at me like you use to do.

In reality, it's you who I question to feel,
to think, and to ponder if I wasn't even really there to say so.
to all the boy I loved before part two
the love that doesn't need to rhyme.
Diane K Pak Jul 1
I promise this we will get through this..

It's now between just you + i in this fight and I'll be with you through the end of night..

I promise to protect you,
I promise to watch over you,
I promise so you wouldn't worry about saying goodbye.

Tell me everything from before and end and from left to right we get through this just like you + i

I'll make sure that Everytime + Everything we will make sure it's all right because I won't let it bother you for another night or anything else that's will be for rest of tonight.
Diane K Pak Jun 19
Today feels so so surreal.

The pain is so so unreal.

So painful that I have to deal more than some ordinary feeling.
I'll remember this feeling that it's more than pen and paper intriguing.

I needed a sad song to help me resonates with what I'm going through for reassuring that I'm still living.

Imagine I couldn't be so broken and go through what I go through that anything, that drives away will put my muse into transmission instead of reminiscing of this ignition that engines in some sort of remission.

I want to find my omission on this planet which helps me calls my mission.

To know this suffocation isn't the end if this petition.

I gladly know there nothing left to say but to this but be submitting of all of this dedication of this precognition.

With or without written dissertation to someone's else permission.  Either to decline nor precise superstition neither to my own future preposition. Expect to a precondition to a certain expectations of neither my rights of a preconceived notions definition.

Can't sway nor hide my any persuasion.
You see you can create things and still called it intrusive, but it how you introduce it as any perspective like it not any other electives. So I'll hear my respective not to misrepresent it.  I'll gather my witnesses and still find it by many few selective.
Diane K Pak May 9
My heart seems....

Lost too, but God seems to continue to write my love story with clues....

My heart wanna see the world as much as I can

Home that beat for the world is in a person; home is wherever you go when we say with this one last chance...
Let's just dance.

I'll go there, if you go too.

No more clues because now I have found you.
First dance in love..
That's just right.
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