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Caleb Kyme Mar 23
It's scarier
Getting older
In the midst of war
I **** every foe

Time to go to war
Fighting for everything that I believe in
Were you ever a dreamer?
Fighting for everything that's free?
Caleb Kyme Dec 2023
How could I forget you
When I smell your scent in my pillow
How could I not fall for you
When I stare at your picture on my phone

How could I not get lonely
When I don't have you by my side
How could I not feel imperfect
When all my perfection is in you

How could I not miss you
When all I do is smile at the imagination of you
How could I not say to myself I love you
When all I got is you
Caleb Kyme Nov 2023
The song playing
Makes this moment satisfying
Chikwere makes me think of you
Holding your waist
This moment ain't a waste

Accidentally you step on my shoe
I look with a smile
And see the spotlight in you iris
If only
This could last forever
Caleb Kyme Nov 2023
I think I'm ready now
I think it's okay now
I still remember the night sky
The twinkling stars in your eyes

I couldn't keep you
I couldn't give you
For you deserved it
Better than he gives
Caleb Kyme Sep 2023
You were happy
Took to some place
To show that you care
Was it Enough? No

Stop thinking about it
Your heart's bleeding dry
Your eyes hurt but no tears are out
You are turning into stone

Don't remember the kiss
The passionate cuddles
The moments spent in darkness
She don't wanna talk about

Don't scratch the scar
You got no blood left
High and dry
You are turning into stone

You were drunk and miserable
Then happy and fulfilled
And back to drunk and ******

Don't think about it
Your heart's already dry
You see no more
You've turned into stone
Caleb Kyme Sep 2023
Waking up
From a death sleep
Zombie tomato-red eyes
Got no plan of day

Never the same
Yesterday was a blur
No memories registered
Not myself

She drowned with her lover
In the sea of tears and pain
I got caught
By the devil of goodness and love

I was so used to be afraid of the dark
Now I don't mind a ghost in my bed
Clearly I am not enough
Only for people who hate themselves.
Caleb Kyme Aug 2023
How do i forget
That you fought my demons
That you gave up on me
That you never gave me a chance

How do I forget
That it's not you anymore
That i messed things up
That you messed them even further

How do I forget
Of our good times
Of the memories
Of the fun

It'll be okay
I will just get sleeping pills
I will have to let you go
It's over
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