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Caleb Kyme Nov 19
Somebody save me
I don't wanna fall

Curse with your protection spell
I don't wanna hurt

Teach me to love
But don't let me fall in love

I beg you
Caleb Kyme Oct 13
I just need you to tell me.
I think I am beautiful.
Do you think so too?

I could kiss a million boys
But believe me when I say
I dream of your lips every night
Caleb Kyme Oct 13
It's always me
It has always being
I'm the bad guy
He's your favorite
Then it's better if i went
You won't miss anyway
Good bye
Caleb Kyme Oct 13
Today I thought it was Jacqueline.
Then it came to me that I needed to lean
For there was no way I would be excited at trouble
Caleb Kyme Oct 13
Then you find me on the bathroom floor
Red eyes
The only words you hear
The party's over
I just can't help but wonder
Who is this I am celebrating?
So you take me back
I blow the candles in my own birthday party
Drink from the poison flask
All just to forget the past
And heal hell
Caleb Kyme Oct 12
I can't kiss you
My lips are dry
They think I am wasted
I could not anoint my
Self with oil

Black sheep
Take a hike
Believing in you
Only to realise you don't have a life

The words haunt me
In the darkness, I cry
Under the stars, I see no sign of life
Nightmares wake me up
At the wee hours of the night

I need someone to save me
Someone to fill
This God ****** hole
In my heart

No one's willing? Okay.
May He hate me as well
I wish I could visit my spirits
That keep me happy as hell

Before I self-destruct
Before I go
Tell them
It was nice getting to know them
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