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Selio Aras  Jan 2015
Selio Aras Jan 2015

Isn't it ironic,
how we tell others to stay strong,
yet we cant do it ourselves?
Everyone seems to think
I am the “master” at
solving problems but,
I can't even figure out
how to solve my own…

lX0st  Jul 2014
lX0st Jul 2014

They say God is the most important being,
But don't they realize
He's the one
That sends us to Hell?
And don't people understand
That by teaching someone to shoot,
They become vulnerable?
Dramatic irony.
Maybe we should be
More versed in Shakespeare
Than in the Bible.
Maybe then
I wouldn't have so many bullet holes
In my back.

Listening to these depressing songs.
It's ironically giving me the will to be strong,
And I don't mind if they're being played for long.
They're making the oceans of my heart rift,
Letting my soul drift in the cold water.

Staring up into the sun,
Ironically it seems fun.

Dipping in my own sorrow,
Urging me to press play,
Again and again,
Making me feel a little bit insane.

I'm enjoying dwelling in my inexplicable pain,
Making me realize,
That maybe,
One can be happy by just being sad.

mybarefootdrive  Jul 2014
mybarefootdrive Jul 2014

His need to take testosterone to disable depression robbed him of his ability to cry.
He needed to cry.

On top of my labour
In the farmyard
I often proffer you
Milk, cheese, manure and hide
To render grand
Your life,
Then how come
You express
Your gratitude
With a knife?

A punitive measure may await one while expecting a reward.
Like an ox or a cow.which in a developing country are used for ploughing purpose
Nicola-Isobel H  Nov 2011
Nicola-Isobel H Nov 2011

That the sun should seem so bitter,
In all it's wonder and brightness

©Nicola-Isobel H.      18.11.2011
Tash Street  Apr 2010
Ironic grin
Tash Street Apr 2010

I like fishing, but dislike boats.
I'm sick of washing, but still wear clothes.

My brother-in-law hates the way I live my life.
My sister keeps the peace, the good little wife.
Mum, I haven't spoken to for many, many, weeks.
Another life, another town, it's solitude she seeks.
My common-law husband is wheelchair bound,
You can't jump puddles with legs that are round.

We own some land, the bank owns the house,
If we miss a payment, they kick us out.
You can't pitch a tent on the corner of the block,
Reading the small print--they own the lot...

Sailing and laundry, painful relations,
Mid-life crisis and petty celebrations.
Watching a loved one severe his spine,
Angry with friends, 'cause they're walking fine.
Another rejection or funds cancellation,
Penning a poem to vent my frustration.
Seeing the darkness in plain black and white,
A smile on my lips--This is my life...

Molly Pendleton Aug 2011

Maybe I’m just weird
But it seems rather
Strange to me

That it is only I
The gay atheist
Will say the pledge

All the others around me
Cocooned in warm ignorance
Refuse to address rights only they have

Nothing special. My classmates sicken me sometimes.
morgan  Jan 2014
morgan Jan 2014

isn't it ironic
how everything
that has saved you
has left you
bawling on the floor
of your bedroom
with the door
barricaded shut,
thinking nothing but
horrible thoughts.

I am a blade with no edge
"useless tool"
She said it because I cut her.

I am a nymphomaniac.
I'm not really but it got your attention.
I bet I nearly gave all reading a cardiac.
I have to make bold statements now, as I have a condition called,
"Black Glasses" and no one makes passes at ladies in glasses.

As you can see from my updated pic, I'm all about geek chic now!
23:05 BST
Mason  Apr 2014
Mason Apr 2014

I am the rock that was thrown at your window
waking you from your dreams
of the boy who threw me

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