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SassyJ Mar 2016
A ***** drills inside my core
It nags, graps, pans, the hands
They knot in spins and twists

My crux left at the river side
Breathing,gasping fast, faster
Body out in the open rawness

Persisting resistance of the force
An outward shield winning
Winged left,right, up, down

Another day, a greater pace
A passive taste, ranting in haste
In bricks *****, all I taste is hate

All walking in dead silence
Heads shouting with dreams
A roll of sweet and sour sate

Echoes of taxes and budgets
How will they evolve us?
Snatching more from pockets

The rockets burst to mock us
Pulling our all to fund them
Nuclear bombs creating tombs

Distribution of lies and wars
Missiles disposing as lyrics
An objectification of reason

Figure brushes on magazines
Incisions of bits and **** hoots
To boost of the hot posed ***

No truth is scaffolded as real
A psychological brainwash
Pollutes and limits indefinately
Human interactions can leave one vulnerable and emotionally drained. How much are we socially indoctrinated?
The revolving dreams of the social structure and institution!!!
Hollow May 2015
There would be no way
To determine it's course

Love, be it called
Screaming without a motive
Dripping in tears
Unrivaled in fear

Underfoot lies hate
Decaying in self deprecating
A book
So misjudged
By it's cover

Glorious, and oh
So glorious love

To be set upon
By flights of fancy
Gold, lace and all

To be a spectacle
A beacon of the triumph
Of good over evil
Light over dark
Yin over Yang

Yang over Yin?

Silly ponderous mind
Queer that one
Would meander
Outside the box

Do not forget that poetry
Is only here to
Accommodate your

Perhaps I
Am the box

To think
Of boxes
Perfect little squares
Perfect exhibits
Of a mistrial

To wander
Look away
To see

To think of subjection

To think...
Be free, darlings.
sweet ridicule Mar 2015
salty H2O i think
drains bitterness from
the thick-lashed shutters called eyes
girl collapsing
clutching your hands together
begging for
a purpose
new smelly carpet uncomfortable
sun rays in the ***** window
liberate yourself
hands that aren't yours --hands of people
and peers and indoctrination--
are choking you
but you can run
run away from this
you don't have to live
like this.
Josh May 2013
Is it I or them, that fate has forced
to shadow in my lifeless eyes
for truth has bitterness to pay
and flame light flares along its path

when right and wrong are undiscerned
and creatures stir within their cage
when parents clip the wings of birds
and suffer them their broken ways

there lives between uncertain wrongs
an urge to end the war outside
to flee from all you say is true
and debts that cost too much to pay

yet finding manifested strong
the time to read between the lies
we spindle back the fraying cord
that blindly leads us to the grave

I've sauntered to the blackened gates
and laughed out at the red inside
that fails pride and injures truth
and falls down where it cannot rise
Beleif Jul 2014
Part IV

My life is my own,
I can see my own lights.
Why, may I ask,
Do you think you are right?
You know that there's more than one star in the sky.

Why is it then,
Do you think it's alright?

You know there are dangers to doubting,
And you know that your cannot protest!
Is it clear to you that He's almighty?
If it's not,
I will make you repent!

Why cannot you see the one star in the sky?
Why are you so blind from the rest!
Akemi Jun 2014
I hear your hollow words
Laced with doubt
Sharp tongued, dull mouthed
Inattentive love

Your heaven is paved with
The shallow beat of empty hearts
Your heaven is a fortress
Desolate, apart

Closed eyes, closed ears, closed mouths
Closed minds, closed hearts above
This is a hell
I can’t reside

If ignorance could paint the world
No greys would hold
And your whites would grant passage
For only the sold

No promise
5:33am, July 1st 2014

Indoctrination / ignorance.

— The End —