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Josh May 2019
1: Jump out of an aircraft. Remember: don't forget to shout religious phrases learned from movies in order to mask motive. Works best when performed in the ****.

2: Get shot in the head. Cut carefully along dotted lines and glue pheasant cut-out to front of face. Warning: may not work in countries outside the UK or in built-up areas. Works best when performed in the ****.

3: Paralysis. Drink five bottles of whiskey or ***** (or five of each) and the decision to dart into oncoming traffic makes more and more sense. The knack to this one is pretending that the screaming vehicle  coming towards you is your favorite grandmother offering you cookies (or other cliche snack item). Adds a complex psychological element when performed in the **** which will also aid to mask motive.
Josh Jul 2015
Like dropping a pink *** of soil
or jumping through a wave.
But unlike the sea rose,
which died on top of the fridge,
I have salty tears I don't know what to do with.
It can only come back as a name,
not a thing,
in the memory of your breaking smile
and not of the shoreline.
Josh Jul 2015
The shadows left the house today.

I felt them move away; like when you feel the sun across your neck in summer.

I've moved forward from those days of faded colors caught by long green weeds around the house in failing light.

And just as waves crash down upon the sandy shores of my childhood dreams, I came to the extent of the world.

And opened the door.
  Aug 2014 Josh
John Prowse
I am lying perfectly still
But the ripples of my heart beat
Lap softly against the small head
Of my daughter
Nestled under my arm
Fast asleep.
For Amelia
John Prowse © 2014
  Aug 2014 Josh
William Butler Yeats
I found that ivory image there
Dancing with her chosen youth,
But when he wound her coal-black hair
As though to strangle her, no scream
Or ****** movement did I dare,
Eyes under eyelids did so gleam;
Love is like the lion's tooth.

When She, and though some said she played
I said that she had danced heart's truth,
Drew a knife to strike him dead,
I could but leave him to his fate;
For no matter what is said
They had all that had their hate;
Love is like the lion's tooth.

Did he die or did she die?
Seemed to die or died they both?
God be with the times when I
Cared not a thraneen for what chanced
So that I had the limbs to try
Such a dance as there was danced -
Love is like the lion's tooth.
Josh Aug 2014
A choice along one direction leads
to consequential choices based on quasi-essential needs.
And countless more directions;
some more pointless than they seem.
Each with unique-essential implications;
all random in their themes.

And when faced with new directions,
we all enjoy equating means.
There are sub-directions and sudden choices;
some with supplicatory pleas.
Yes, implication's long duration is an invisible machine.
A meta-physical motivation to a person and their genes.

Personally, my own choices corresponded
to these unlimited extremes.
To these tiny little time-transporters
that fit us into teams.
And I thought I'd reached a choice;
was on its corresponding way.
I followed down its passageways and subdomains
for consequential days.

And from the way that we all network,
I have come to the belief
that our decisions implicate
the parts that aggregate beneath.
Yes, every person has these combinations
aggregate throughout their lives.
And by the afore-mentioned complications,
They (eventually) divide to warring sides.

On one side is destruction;
On the other, love resides.
If you make the wrong decision
then these forces, they collide.
To catastrophic implications
and such damage done inside.

But if you're able to pause for just a moment
and hold them side-by-side.
You will find the sort of peace
that only finds those who have died.

And suddenly life becomes so simple;
no more chances need be applied.
Just one choice and two directions
Lie in front of your own eyes.
You feel quite amazing in
proportion to this fantastic new sensation.
As one choice takes you to destruction;
the other leads you to salvation.
It's the truest self-realization
and it's there for you to take it.
There's a chance of your damnation...
but, see, only you can make it.
Josh Aug 2014
Little hands.
Like mother.
And a cheeky smile
Like me.
I'm so proud to be
Your father.
No-one means
So much to me.
Written for my 3 year-old son.
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