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Javeria Jul 2
I was born different
Different in a sense,
Not acceptable to society
Inadmissible to my parents,
Above all I am a human being!

You treated me like a dog
Left me in a trash can,
Hurt my soul
Physically abused me,
You cursed my existence

They call me from bad names
Say I was designed to be,
A *** worker ; An entertainer
You tear apart my clothes,
Body shamed me!

I'm not an object
Stop bullying me,
Yes, I'm trans! I ain't like you
But I can sure you;
I'm a better person than you!
Javeria Jun 25
Life has given me many sharp pains
Despite of the fact all I wanted is you,
People tried hard to push me away
I stayed for you as a ******* shield,
Why you turned your back on me
Can't you see my ocean of tears,
How many rocks I have broken
In order to catch your one glimpse,
Everyone left me including you
My family turned into strangers,
Left me in this dark dungeon named;
Mental hospital whose motto is
To serve mentally ill people like me
How many nights I cried for my daisy,
I'll tell God, how your cruelty broke me
O Angel's! Be my witness at doomsday
I once watched a video where an interviewer asked a sick person how you ended up here and he replied just because of her I'm here and this broke my heart.
Javeria Jun 16
They say,
Stay away from strangers;
They ain't smell nice,
But how come
Strangers become your best friends,
And love of your life!
Javeria Jun 11
We humans are funny creatures
Have divided ourselves;
In the name of ethnicity
Have bathed in blood in order;
To impose one's supremacy

In a race of becoming superior,
Everyone is investing their money;
To achieve top-notch technologies
Labeling each other barbaric,
Dealing below the mark as an object

I wonder what if Mother nature;
Is obnoxious of our insane actions
Ever realize all these pandemics
Breaks the chain of xenophobia,
Spreads like a rapid blazing fire

Virus follows human greed policy
Nourish in body of host and leaves,
The way humans leave in hard times
Is it just an ending of our pride era?
Or are we really at edge of being doomed!
Javeria Jun 3
Xenophobia and religious wars ain't over
Extremism is now changing into racial war,
Fair and lovely but not darkly and lovely
Can't believe the world is again witnessing;
A time of racial apartheid
Skin is skin either healthy or in bad condition,
What is skin tone?
Why even this type of distinction exists?
Class distinctions ain't enough!
Why debate is again started on skin colors?
Fair,ivory skin tones over dark and warm
Tell me having an excessive melanin is sin?
We live in a society where;
Dark ones are associated with brutality
Fair ones are linked with beauty
An irony is this people will fall for black color
But will not appreciate people with dark tone,
A question I want to ask from you all
Ain't you sense some injustice here,think!
Javeria May 27
More you invest your energy;
More they ditch you
Javeria May 21
World is like a bewitching black hole
Having a kind of magnetic sensation,
Hustle and bustle along with forgery
Cost of lies and burden on poor soul,
Distinction, deprivation and destruction
All these three elements leads to;
Upcoming havoc calamity of chaos,
Rich will chase for an elegant things
Poor will chase hard to get some bread,
Social conventions are hard to understand
Victims are bound to learn patience;
Instead of seeking justice they suffer,
The world wasn't created to endure
It was meant to alleviate hardships
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